Tell me who your friends are and I will tell who you are

Two years before I met My friends at GSE! I made friends with my classmates, teachers and research procedure!

It seems surprising, but my classmates taught me most. First of all I found out much about myself communicating with very different, but very extraodinary people. I learnt how to communicate, how to work in group, how to take group decisions. Also, I learnt how to solve the problems together, I handled new approaches and tools. Before my study, it took me years to decide what and how to do something, as I wanted to do it well, but I didn’t know how. Now I am good in choosing the approach and immediate starting.

Teachers provided me an example on how good the teacher should be and how hardworking one should be. Also, how polite, gentle, and demanding to be at the same time.

I learnt how tj do research in systemic and honest way. I already got acquented with research, and it makes my friendship more difficult. I didn;t know about plagiarism and I couldn’t cite properly! Now I hope I am friend of Academic intergrity and very passionate fighter for establishing honest academic environment in Kazakhstan.


1 thought on “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell who you are

  1. it is interestinfg to note that I also met in my professional path interesting person who showed me a path where I can pursue my further knowledge . Now i am here with NU community where I am developing necessary collobaration and researching skils for the 21st century. Last year, I worked with many researchers who had PhD and Masters’ degrees I enjoyed working with such professionals and they inspired me to enter this University. I am thankful for yr valuable thoughts about the people surrounding us. Yes, in most cases, a person emulates others behaviors as a result becoming a similar one in an existing environment. that is why, it is important to have divers friends in life.


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