A long way of research mastery is so close…

When we started our Educational Leadership Program in August 2014 it seemed so long to complete our program in  June 2016… Time flies so fast that now I  realise even these two years were not easy, sometimes overwhelming, but  it was the most memorable experience in my professional and self-development.

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to all our professors who taught us different courses during this time and my dear  groupmates. Namely to our supervisor, Dr. Rita Kasa and especially to our Instructor, Phil Montgomery for their great patience  in mastering our academic, research, critical analysis skills, for all support you are providing to us during this long and exciting way in completing our Master Thesis.

Thanks to our English for Thesis Writing course I learned so many useful things, that analysing and reviewing other’s writings  I have got meaningful experience to improve my own style of academic writing. Frankly speaking, all the assignments we had been given to do during two years seemed a real disaster. However now closer to the final end of our research paper writing  I feel the impact of all expereinces I have got from “not connected to our thesis assignments”. I confess and highlight the  course program for this course IS IDEAL!!! This course is the most helpful in thesis writing and it must be conducted from the first day of study!

Fast and crucial  feedback from our Instructor, Phil Montgomery  during this course regularly helps  me  to be an effective writer IN MY THESIS and  demonstrated how much success you can achieve being PASSIONATE about what you are doing!!!



3 thoughts on “A long way of research mastery is so close…

  1. Definitely, time flies so fast. And I almost completed my first year, even though we have a four-week program in this summer. Thanks for sharing your own “harvest” which resonates with my gain. Not only did graduates learn a lot from these courses, but I also improved my English and other skills, such as critical thinking skill. I am still in the process of learning and developing myself. Thanks again for this thoughtful conclusion of your study. ))


  2. I am happy that you have acquired valuable skills such as reserch skills and writing skills. These skills are very important for NUGSE students to write a valid paper and thesis. Goodluck for your THESIS DEFENDING!


  3. Dear Almira,
    Your post is very encouraging for our followers who are in process of studying in GSE. It’s great to summarize contribution of all NU staff, our instructors, supervisors, teachers and groupmates! Now we’re those who weren’t at the beginning!
    Wish you good luck, Almira, with your thesis and further plans in education sphere!


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