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Action research in teachers’ professional development

One of the most struggling first year issues for me was managing my time. Last year was full of new events and changes in my professional career, I was promoted for the new position which required more than half of my job time. So, little time was dedicated for writing weekly assignments. A few have been changed this year, however the understanding of the essence of writing a successful piece of paper – a thesis is outmatching other priorities..

The topic of the thesis is “Action research in Kazakhstani secondary schools: challenges of implementation”. Being a Teacher research coordinator in one of the Kazakhstani schools I worked with a lot of teachers who were conducting action research. Most of the teachers are participants of various action research workshops and seminars. However, the effectiveness and reliability of teacher research findings were not discussed and measured. Also, not all of the teachers who took part in the workshops could conduct action research in their schools. While talking to teachers, some issues dealt with teacher research conducting and implementation were found and discussed. Consequently, this thesis topic was occurred. Reading and analyzing different literature on the topic, majority of the issues which were identified by teachers were found in some authors’ works (Zhou, 2013; Mingucci, 2001; Megowan-Romanowicz, 2010). However, action research implementation challenges in Kazakhstani schools were not discussed yet.

The purpose of this qualitative study is to identify the challenges of action research implementation in teachers’ professional development in one of the Kazakhstani secondary schools.

The findings of the study will be useful for administrators, teachers, and students of one of the Kazakhstani schools, as well as for other educational organisations. Teachers and managers should be familiar with the action research implementation challenges. Also, as a Teacher Research Coordinator, I can help promote the culture of conducting action research within the school community.

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