My last post for this semester

This semester was full of useful information and enjoyable assignments which really helped me to enhance my research and language skills. One of the things which was valuable for me is my Instructor’s feedback. According to feedback given on time, I could try to prevent them next time. As a teacher I was motivated to use blogs in my teaching practice and conduct mini-thesis about the use of blogs.

Despite the shortage of time, writing mini-thesis and reading supplementary materials on each section were truly beneficial for my main thesis. For example, this week I have known how to write findings and results section.

One of the issues I am facing with now is lack of free time and energy to write full thesis. But I understand I should manage my time. So I will find time to continue my data collection process.

Online learning requires responsibilty from students to meet deadlines and self-manage. Therefore one of the advice I can give to online learners is to manage and plan their work beforehand. One of the mistake I did last year was postponing of completing assignments for the last day. Due to that, I was always nervious and stressed. This year I try to do them as earlier as possible.

If I were the Instructor, maybe I would give assignments which were relevant to my online learners’ practice and thesis topic. For this pupose I would conduct survey and found out the most common topics and areas to investigate.

In conclusion, I would like to thank my Instructor and groupmates whose energy to teach and learn, and support motivate me to love this course and programme.

2 thoughts on “My last post for this semester

  1. Dear Gulzina,

    I think sense of procrastination is something we are all living with. I think people can learn toorganize and manage their time only by facing this kind of experinece as we have been doing for two years of study. Personally, it was not until this year that I started to manage my time properly, and this was because I was so tired of feeling stressed. In order to avoid this feeling I started to value the timeand organize it accordingly.


  2. Gulzina,

    Your advice about doing work in advance is very important. Why make yourself sick with stress with a rapidly approaching deadline? Unless you are one of those people who work better when they have very little time (not many of them!), then start your work as soon as you get your assignment. One reason for doing this is to allow you time to revise your work. It is always a good idea to set your writing aside for 12-24 hours. Then you can look at it with fresh eyes and delete or add ideas, edit for errors, etc.

    Ann in Astana


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