Digital Disease


Inspired by ‘s post about internetization and computerization, I have decided to raise the issue of youngster’s health problems caused by these technologies.

Recently I have read an article (I couldn’t find it! Sorry!) where scientists alarmed about a new disease of our era caused by digital devices such as computers, tablet PCs, smart phones, i-phones, i-pats, etc. The assertion was made on the result of a recent research based on medical tests which confirmed that young generation’s health problems were the result of passive way of life: sitting in front of the computer and wasting time watching TV-shows.

Psychologists reported that analyses proved their worries about emotional instabilities and mental disorders of the patients (almost all of them were teenagers) that led them to greater levels of obesity, diabetes and other health issues. Consequently, people became unsocialized and addicted to the virtual world (this was also mentioned by ) that isolated them from the reality.


Psychotherapists suggested parents to be stricter in controlling their children. One of the solutions was to limit the time a child spent in Web. However, the experts pointed out that it would be impossible to prison them (children) completely.

Another negative fact is that most of individuals are visuals (have visual way of thinking), and thanks to this, the spheres of digital entertainment became profitable. Recognizing the thread, the governments in different countries endorsed an agreement with some broadcast companies and Internet providers. After these actions, a number of programmes and sites were under a ban and a restriction for general access. Nowadays a special commission keeps a watchful eye in controlling this process (which is not actually bad…).

In conclusion I would say that scientists are right. We have to save our children from a future disaster. Psychotherapists tried to uphold alternative methods acceptable in serious cases (such as gadgetomania, SMSmania, Mexican Syndrome, etc). In my opinion, a lot of the work have already been done. What we can do now is to follow their (specialists’) suggestions and take part in youngsters’ lives to fill the emptiness in their hearts. May be in this way, they will have no time for computer games…


3 thoughts on “Digital Disease

  1. I was happy to read something out of your area of knowledge, educational leadership. To tell the truth, I was attracted by this “cute” skeleton near the computer. The topic you selected is very interesting and many people argue there are many disadvantages of technologies. Indeed, even riding a bus you can hardly notice a person without a mobile phone, tablet or e-book in hands. Even my mom is now crazy about her profile in Odnoklassniki! However, I would disagree with you in a point computers and technologies bring more harm than benefit. Technologies are effective as they promote communication and diversify the ways of knowledge acquisition. Also, electronic devices can become easily accessible source of information. This helps learners to become autonomous and rely on their own strengths rather than on teachers. But wait… the more I advocate for the power of technologies, the more I feel like I am possessed with computers and tech stuff. Maybe it’s time to confess: I am addicted too? 😀


  2. What a great post! The author is completely right, one of the most vital topics nowadays is gadget addiction and not only among kids or teenagers, I think people of all ages suffer from it. It seems like we cannot live without gadgets and computers. They have replaced books, magazines, TVs and radios. A question occurs to me, is there a life without gadgets and internet? On the other hand, now in the era of information age, it is good to be familiar with technologies. They become part of our life, they are around us everywhere. We use it in our work and benefit from it in everyday life. But, researchers and scientists are concerned about its social and emotional affect, and that’s true, people live in virtual reality. Especially, we need to control our kids. Even, Steve Jobs banned his children from using iPads. Gadget addiction and internet is a serious problem nowadays and we need to avoid living our lives in front of computers, I think.


  3. Yes, this digital modern environment evades away from our young generation from real communication and from real situation. this is the beginning of mental disease to my mind. Living in e-environment and without noticing reality next to you.


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