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‘Anti-Shala English’ Feedback

Hello wonderful students of 7B and 7C, NISA IB!

I hope that now you could get acquainted with me!

I am sharing my first impressions within the contest. Mr. Dumankhan isn’t consistent, is he? He had already changed 3 types of Dumlars so far! What’s more unusual is that he calls them ‘masterpiece’! Seriously?!


He now started to make me more complicated by trying  to add different challenges. He is going to take away your Dumlars if you speak any other languages but English. I just think that he doesn’t want to add 0.1 point so easily for your summative!

About students. Some of you are trying really hard to earn the Dumlars. I do really appreciate that. Yet there are some students who do not speak at all and earn the Dumlars. It’s actually strange. There is another category of students who stop speaking English after 5 earned Dumlars. I can’t understand them, too.

The teacher’s purpose for me was to encourage you to speak and improve your English.


Enjoy your lesson, enjoy your English!