The best expectations … Actions … And the results…


In the beginning I did not know how to start and where to go. The questions that stated in my head were how to cope with this task and make it compatible with task requirements.  It started well and I have done the first part which was generally theoretical. I had my idea and was interested in this topic. To tell the truth, I think I made it hard and that was my first challenge that I faced. The task was to find people who ever created online teacher professional portfolio. That was the uniqueness of research. However, talking to different persons I barely found about 2 people. Another challenge was to find suitable time and place to conduct the interview.

Since it was small scale research I did not have a lot of questions. But during the interview I have learned a lot of new information about online teacher professional portfolio. Teachers shared their ideas about its benefits and challenges. Moreover the conclusion of the conversation was to develop that branch and emphasize its necessity in educational arena.

It was valuable experience for me and I would suggest following advice to my peers:

  1. Listen carefully your interviewee, it will help you to grasp the most important things;
  2. Make some notes even if you use Dictaphone, it is beneficial to ask targeted questions during the interview;
  3. Do not stick to your questions only, let the conversation take its flow, however be careful to lead conversation to wrong direction; Keep the topic;
  4. Support your interviewee, smile or nod; I consider it useful and helps to get more information;
  5. If you use your mobile phone to record interview, it is better to switch to offline regime, if somebody calls you conversations will not be recorded;
  6. You can praise you interviewee with chocolate to encourage them;


I wish good luck to all my groupmates with data collection process. It is the most important part of the study.

Online learning is very profitable tool to study any topic you need at any time and place but with set deadlines. Online learning helped me to go through the thesis writing procedure which I consider very beneficial.  The only struggle that I faced is time that I need to complete tasks. It is hard job to take together your work and master program, however it taught me to juggle my time and prioritize everything. The systematic work will give success in online learning.  This experience of online learning will help me to write a thesis. This online course was fully embedded to the application of thesis writing process.

There are few tips how to complete tasks in online learning:

  1. Read the tasks carefully;
  2. Follow the task deadlines;
  3. Devote at least three hours per week to complete tasks;
  4. Read the teacher’s comment to improve the quality of your work.

I would like to thank our instructor Phillipe, who guided us in online learning and provided descriptive feedback in order to improve our English and a make it academic.

2 thoughts on “The best expectations … Actions … And the results…

  1. I liked the idea of devoting three hours to complete the task, also, I would like to raise the question on where to take tree hours from? I know that according to time management wisdom you have to prioritise the tasks. But if you are aimed to complete the task on thesis writing, you shoul be goal oriented not on the prosess of devoting time for it

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  2. This is an excellent piece of advice for future students, who may not realize the time commitment required to complete a master’s while working. Oxana is right, that those three hours per week may not be available, and so a high level of efficiency and hard work are minimum requirements to succeed in the program. Nice organization and clarity in your post.


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