Reflection on my learning


This seems to be the final post in the blog writing and I want to reflect on the experience that I have obtained.

I have read many articles that are dedicated to one of the most popular mode of learning- online courses. While discussing research findings, many participants of online learning emphasize that flexibility, accessibility and keeping your own track make this learning more effective and independent compared with the traditional on-campus learning.

From my own personal experience, I can say that I partially agree with the mentioned above advantages of online learning. I felt intellectually challenged as I was learning something new. Unfortunately, this was not the only struggle that I had to face.  It was hard at times to balance work, study and family life: the clashes emerged unexpectedly as responsibilities increased but the time was limited. Moreover, the sense of guilt with despair was haunting me: I could not be a good student, teacher and mother at the same time, a dilemma that most modern females have to face in the globalized society striving for life-long learning.

I tried to take the most of my online learning experience though. I read research works that made me mull over the challenges and benefits of online learning. I became interested in this aspect and started delving into it.

Later, I decided to focus on challenges and benefits that students might face in online learning in my mini-thesis. Recent research articles helped to understand the phenomenon of online learning better and contributed to my literature review writing. My group mates took part in interviews and helped to collect the data for further analysis. I had an opportunity to get perspectives on their online learning experience and draw some conclusions.

Overall, I found my online learning as something engaging and worth taking. There are some issues that might arise on your path; however they hardly might diminish the advantages of such mode of learning.

For the future online learners, I would recommend to be well-organized and highly motivated as time management skill as well as personal interest and dedication will turn online learning into a rewarding experience.

2 thoughts on “Reflection on my learning

  1. Dear Bakyt,

    you mentioned the same challenges I faced while taking this online course. I do understand how it is difficult to manage studying, working full-time and being a mother. I absolutely agree that good time management skills along with a strong desire to learn are of high importance in succeeding in online learning. Hope this course was of much benefir for you in writing your main thesis.



  2. Thanks for the advice, Bakyt. It’s good advice for an instructor too. I’m glad that all your reading led to greater interest in the subject.

    Good luck with your main thesis.



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