Checkpoint 3 Blog Post

Wow, this has been a very long course, definitely the longest we’ve had as part of our program and probably the longest course I’ve ever taken. I think it is safe to say that all of use learned a lot of new things about writing, whether academic or less formal (like this post, for example). I think I speak for everyone when I say that this course really helped us to improve our writing skills. It was especially useful to me in that it opened my eyes to the flaws in my writing.

What I appreciate about this course it how open everyone was in sharing their experience and parts of the sacred thesis. It was always a pleasure and often a great deal of fun to read your posts and thesis sections.

I really hope that we will have the time and fortitude to actually apply this knowledge in writing our theses, because many of us are very limited in time. I also wish (and this opinion may not be very popular) our supervisors would pay more attention to the writing. Sometimes I know that the flaws in my writing will go unnoticed, and it wakes the lazy person inside of me, so I just ignore them.

I also hope we will continue to post news from our lives through blog posts. They are the one thing I will miss the most about this course.

I wish everyone a good viva. I spoke to some graduates of our school, and they say it really isn’t that scary.

1 thought on “Checkpoint 3 Blog Post

  1. Thanks for sharing your personal reflection. First, I also hope all master students can succeed in their thesis defenses. Second, your post seems to involve your own reflection and your some thoughts of the thesis. It’s interesting to know one’s opinion or attitudes on various issues such as course, theses and blogs in your writing. Regarding your post, I think you might need to expand some ideas with a clear and coherent structure and proofread a bit. I thought it was your self-evaluation about what you have learned from the course based on the introduction part. You mentioned “you have learnt a lot of new things”,at that point, I would suggest you expand that idea which will be very interesting, except noticing the flaws in your writing. As all of us are going to write our theses, academic writing skills are very important. Please, do not ignore the flaws sometimes, and try to keep writing as you wished to continue blogging. Practice makes perfect.)) Moreover, please proofread a little bit before you post publically, for example, a spelling mistake, “all of use learned”(use-us ). Finally, I agree that your post is less formal ,and for me, it lacks a good organization and flow of the ideas. In my understanding, either academic writing or informal writing requires coherence which enables readers to follow your ideas and understand your stance.


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