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New Goal – New Challenge

One of my professors at NU told once that she had “MY TIME” in her everyday planning list, and as she explained, it was the time when she could do anything that had nothing to do with her real goals. Since then I also made up my mind to create my own one. Although it takes not only an hour of my one day as it was supposed to be so but I tripled “MY TIME”. I organized it a little bit different with new challenges and here it follows and the rest of “MT” is given to my studies and note, no social network browsing for at least a week (have to challenge myself even more))):

Every day:

6amWith the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. (E. Roosevelt)

6.30-7.30amSports do not build character. They reveal it. (H. Broun)

9 – 10.30pmEither write something worth reading or do something worth writing. (B. Franklin)

Once a week:

7 – 9pmI cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy…. (C.R. Swindoll)

8 – 10pmSoap operas are the most popular shows we have. (D. Stevens)

Some of them were set recently; they are really challenges for me. I am seriously addicted to the internet: surf it every day and night, watch anything and everything on purpose and with no purpose. So I decided to forget about Facebook, Instagram for about a week and limited myself. Another passion is Turkish soap-operas; I can`t explain why I am so passionate about it, but there is little excuse for that – I am learning Turkish. Again, I cut off the time that I was spending for that. Instead I found new inspiration in reading, especially classics. I love reading books actually, but with the advent of the internet they were shifted away and left to farther shelves.

How far I can go? You have to tell me! See you soon!