My thoughts are…

I would like to start my blog with gratitude to my instructor who did really good job. This year I felt that I am a part of a group. I had a great opportunity to share my ideas and thoughts and I knew that my peers appreciated them. Despite the fact that this online course was very intensive, I enriched my background knowledge and improved my research and writing skills. However, my main concern is with writing a literature review of substance. My personal evaluation is that a lack of analytical and critical thinking skills may be the cause of this. I hope that with the help of writing center and my instructors I will improve my literature review part. Right now I am not sitting twiddling my thumbs, I spend a lot of time reading different articles and books in order to fill this gap.

I think that all my group mates worked hard during this course and did their best. I just recommend them to use this website if they want to listen to different viewpoints or if they want to share their experience that might be beneficial and helpful for other students. It is essential for online students to work collaboratively in order to show successful results at the end of the study.

In conclusion, I want to say that I enjoyed the way how the online course was conducted. First, all students were involved into the process; second, students improved their writing skills receiving constructive feedback from peers and instructors; third, students practiced their research skills. However, if I were the instructor, I would make the mini-thesis project interrelated with the thesis paper. This positive interrelation will give students an opportunity to spend more time working on their thesis paper instead of writing two theses at the same time.


3 thoughts on “My thoughts are…

  1. Dear Aizhan!

    Thank you for your post.
    I agree with you that we have the great opportunity to learn from each other, comment and improve your skill in collaboration.
    How many minutes/hours per day so you spent on your big thesis? I think the majority of the students are on the same page trying to find precious time.
    Good luck with your writing!


  2. Dear Aizhana,

    I am glad that you have improved your research and writing skills as the course intended to help us with these skills.

    I also noticed that there is some improvement in my writing due to the blog!

    I agree that writing a quality literature review is qquite challenging as much analysis and synthesis is needed for this chapter.

    My belief is that we all will be able to write a proficient literature review for the thesis!


  3. Nice work, Aizhan. Your post is concise and clearly written. Of course I am glad to hear your positive evaluation of the course, but I am more pleased with your continued effort to identify weaknesses in your writing and thinking and then to find ways to keep improving. I look forward to working with you further in the spring!



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