“Either you run the day, or the day runs you”-Jim Rohn

Managing time is a key to successful academic life. There are so many advice in controlling time for students. Having an experience of a student for almost five years, I made a list of most useful tips for using time appropriately during the studies. I will tell you the most effective ones.

Firstly, it is organizing time in details. As an option, you can use making a list, which is the most popular way of planning a day, a week or even a month. If you are not experienced in list making, try to plan your next day only, beginning from morning till the end of your day. Later try to plan your week, and then, when you gain enough experience and get used to it, try to plan your month. Do not forget including one day in a week for your laziness, for not doing anything and having a rest physically and mentally. Also, highlight the most important things in your list in order to know the prioritized things. Here, as a tool in making a list, you can use special notebook-organizer, your mobile phone, your computer or your wall hanging many pieces of papers with pins.

The second important thing in time management is doing everything on time, because postponing plans for the next day is a big dilemma. Follow your to-do list and never put off doing something, and it will guarantee that you spend time efficiently. If you delay once, there is no surety that you will not do it again. So, do not procrastinate even once.

The last way of managing your time efficiently, that I would like to share with you is multitasking. There is an example by Michelle Williams, an American actress: “I like to do weird things in the shower, like drink my coffee, brush my teeth and drink a smoothie. It’s good time management”. However, multitasking is sometimes risky for individuals who are not practiced doing it; they can fail easily while trying to finish a number of compulsory deals at once, losing quality of their work. Now then, if it is something new for you, first get used to it!

To sum up, I would like to finish with the words of wisdom by Dale Carnegie:

“Plan your day to achieve your goals. Keep to your plan!”


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3 thoughts on ““Either you run the day, or the day runs you”-Jim Rohn

  1. Everyone at Nazarbayev University might agree with you, Dilnoza, on the point that time management is extremely crucial, especially when you have as many deadlines as our students have. In the scope of recent events (papers, projects, essays and so on) I consider your list of tips quite helpful as it contains the advice most frequently ignored by many students. As for me, I usually struggle with doing things on time and multi-tasking; nevertheless, now I am trying list-making practice. Although this list can be changed several times a day in my case, it is really worth making since you always know what kind of work is still waiting for your actions.

    I liked your idea of prioritized things; however, I would suggest defining how much time should be spent on doing each of those important tasks. By doing this you will be able to identify the level of difficulty of one or another work, assess the efforts you should make completing them as well as to know approximately how many works you can afford yourself to do.

    All in all, I hope all students will appreciate your job and start practicing proper time management from now on!

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  2. Dear Dilnoza,
    I totally agree with you on making up a plan beforehand in order to remember all the important dates, and sure, that this post will be real help for those of us who cannot use their time rationally. As it is your real experience, I believe that most of us will follow it. Keeping in mind all the tasks with its deadlines are not possible, and your to-do list suggestion is a good opportunity to manage the time and it disciplines. Step-by-step planning always helps to be in a track.
    I loved the day of laziness; you mentioned it very right, as one cannot study all the time without any relaxation. Intellectual person has to be mentally healthy, being physically and mentally healthy person will think wisely, act quickly and do positive things.
    One thing that I want to add to your list is to do sports; playing football, volleyball or basketball helps a man not only to be physically but also psychologically healthy. To be a part of a team and socialize with different people is also nice exercise; moreover, it balances inner and outer condition of a person. Person learns to take a responsibility for his actions, to be tolerant and patient. All these qualities will build person’s character. Once he acknowledges all the chances, he will not spend his time in vain, and will stop procrastinating his valued time for something that is not worth doing. He will start planning his days consciously and will organize his it so that he could have a chance to be in the exact place in the exact time.

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