Curiosity killed the cat, but my curiosity made me a researcher.


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During this semester I learned many things, and they are practical which is much helpful than theoretical. You can know everything in theory perfectly, however when you want to use it in practice you meet several of challenges.

There are some essential things that I gained during this semester; they are writing blogs, methodology, how to avoid plagiarism, some experience in writing literature review which was not so successful if to speak honestly my attempt wasn’t successful.

However, I will try to share some of my experience in full thesis writing.

Before starting to write your thesis, you should definitely need to find your problem statement, then you need to find as much as possible relevant literature to write a good literature review. You need to structure your central questions and sub-questions to answer your research question.

I have met many challenges like: out of order access to university online library when I wanted to look for some literature to include into my thesis, then reading all those piles of e-books to get necessary ideas that will help to answer my thesis question. The last one is to understand the difference between qualitative and quantitative methods, their tool, benefits and disadvantages. Also I faced many problems with data collection strategies, methods and their interpretation. Finding, doing transcribe to every interview, coding them was also not an easy thing. I can continue my long list about challenges I met and I will meet during my thesis writing but it is better to stop here and to give some advices to online learning students. To my mind, the first you need to love what you are doing, and it shouldn’t be like a punishment to you. If it is a punishment for you, you need to change your attitude toward the thing that is obligatory. Just pretend that they will pay you money for this work (in reality they do pay), next you should always remember that it wouldn’t last forever.

If I were the instructor of this course I would ask my students to divide into groups and to write them a real thesis using qualitative, quantitative and mixed method to get them more practice in submitting the main assignment of university.




7 thoughts on “Curiosity killed the cat, but my curiosity made me a researcher.

  1. Dear Akzharkyn,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I would agree with you in terms of your ‘list of the challenges’, and I would add that those problems are nothing with comparing to wording all these sections of the full thesis. As you know that English is not our first language that is why in order to express our thoughts in English, sometime it is problematic because we think in one language and write in another.
    Moreover, I would defiantly agree that we should ‘fall in love’ of what we are doing. I think that the most important things are the process itself, not the result. Good luck!


    1. Dear Oral, it was a great pleasure to have a comment from you. Thank you that you decided to read my blog. I can add that it is sometimes very difficult to love reading and doing many assignments at one time. However, as we are online students we need to cope with all those challenges. Despite the fact that we are not native speakers.


  2. I like the idea-“we are not native speakers”, once in my life I had an experience in working with British professors and it was not very positive because of only 1 idea: no matter how you try, you will not become an English native speaker, because you are not living there…If so, it is a hard work at language improvement during the whole your teaching process…I wish everybody be happy on this long life learning teaching


    1. Dear Tatyana, I am 100% SURE that you have a gerat experience in teaching this language. I complitely agree that if you want to master your language skills, you need to live in English spaeking area.


  3. Akzharkyn, this is a wonderful post. I fully understand your feelings of frustration, and of accomplishment that you face while completing this program. As your commenters point out, this process is a difficult one, and while you may never become a native English speaker, you are becoming gifted researchers and strong writers. Your writing has improved quite dramatically this semester, clearly due to your persistent effort. Congratulations!



  4. Dear Philip, I am even yelled when I saw that I have 5/5 because it is a small step to start writing my thesis in a good manner of English. I try to remember all mistakes that you pointed to me during my writing. I was great to write, to share and to learn from other my collegue. It was wonderful idea to write such long blogs to practice our academic English. Thank you for your knowledge and skills that you shared with us.


  5. It is true your curisity lead you to invent closed things. Being curious really helps people to think critically by asking why and how questions. Therefore, it is important for reserchers and writers to be curious for everything.


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