What makes a good teacher great?


Teaching is one of the most difficult professions today. It is not only about coming to class, explaining the topic, giving marks, preparing classroom activities all night long and control the discipline among the students, although doing all these things is not that easy as well. Today the occupation of a teacher demands a broad knowledge of the subject he or she is going to teach, it requires being aware of all the school standards, curriculum, and modern teaching techniques. Moreover, it demands enthusiasm, big patience, great love to teach and learn, and a desire to bring something new and positive to students’ lives.

From my experience, I have seen two main types of teachers – the ones that are really loved by their students, and the ones that are simply respected as the representatives of other different occupations. Both types of teachers are really good at their subject, always aware of the latest changes and discoveries in their field of study, very smart, intelligent and creative, can be quite strict when it is necessary to control the classroom discipline. But the only thing that differs these teachers from each other is their attitude to their students.

Some teachers are not very close to students they teach, do not know what is happening in their lives and why they do not want to study. They can punish kids by poor marks for their bad behavior in the classroom or read some extra books during the break instead of building a bridge between them and their students.

The other type of teachers will not immediately punish their kids but will find out the reason first to help them to overcome the problems and continue their study. These teachers are very kind, compassionate and empathetic towards their students. They treat them with all the warmth, care and love they have. They inspire them. A good teacher showing students their hidden treasures and possibilities, evoking students’ desire to do, to dream, to achieve is a great teacher. Good attitude and sincerity make these teachers great. These teachers do not relate to teaching as to a usual job, but they accept this as the biggest part of their life. And these teachers are always loved by students.

What makes a good teacher great in your opinion?

4 thoughts on “What makes a good teacher great?

  1. Nice post, Dinara. You have clearly paid attention to sentence variety this week. I like the use of a longer sentence followed by an emphatic short one:
    “They treat them with all the warmth, care and love they have. They inspire them.”
    A couple minor mistakes to clean up:
    1) Today the occupation of a teacher demands a broad knowledge of the subject he or she is going to teach, it requires being aware… (comma splice)
    2) They can punish kids __ poor marks (preposition)



    1. Thank you very much, Professor!
      Probably I should have divided this big sentence into two parts and put a full stop there instead of a comma splice..?
      And in the second case, I guess “with” fits much better.


  2. From my experience good teacher must keep teacher-student relationship with his/her students I don’t mean that they go Stalin on them, but presence of a mentor, of person who is in charge is important as well. So good teacher must also keep balance, so students will be respectful, but not afraid of him, feel free, but not anarchistic.


  3. I agree with your stance. In addition and for me, the great teacher is someone who BELIEVES in their students that they can achieve something great or make a breakthrough. For example, most teachers reckon that a student who is a criminal cannot gain something valuable. Hence, most children give up and start to believe that they cannot do anything. However, if a teacher shows belief that this student CAN achieve something, this BELIEF makes students more confident and they try to prove that this belief is true. As a result, they achieve something. All in all, the power of belief helps teachers to kill two birds with one stone: to give up those bad habits and to replace it with good habits.


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