I think that one of the main characteristics of research is its reliability. KZ educational professionals are most interested in the research with practical significance, i.e. the one which can provide clear instructions and guidelines for future policies. My attitude toward research changed after last couple of months. In particular, I understood that research is even more complex activity than I thought. All the readings and writing activities that we have done by this point have shown me that research is not only about asking right questions and finding answers for them with help of relevant methodology and analysis of existing literature on the theme. Before, I thought that the ultimate aim of research is its results, finding sufficient evidence for you thesis and building a coherent, valid and reliable argument. Now I see that presenting your research to the public is also one of the most important aims of a research. It may be not sufficient to prove the hypothesis and support you thesis with robust thesis. It is no less important to present your argument; to create your paper in a way that the essence of your research, its main idea and ways of how I came to it and what follows from it would be clear for the reader. Now, after having being engaged in the process of research more deeply, I start to notice that finding evidence is half of the work if not less. What is more difficult and more important is to incorporate each piece of the evidence into your writing so that a solid and concrete argument is built. I prefer to rely on in-depth information so I prefer qualitative methods, in particular, interviews. I think that my vision of research would fit into my community, because I believe that high-quality dissimilation and presentation of found results is important for all scholars.

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  1. Dear Dinara,
    Thanks for your interesting post. As far as I understood, for you, research is a challenging activity which requires good analytical and presentation skills. You should be able to appropriately analyze different sources on the topic and the results got from the study as well as to effectively present the work to the public.
    Regarding the grammar rules and the content of the text, I have noticed several areas that might need improvement:
    1. You start your blog with highlighting the importance of reliability in the research but you do not further elaborate this “topic”. In the next sentences you explain how your thoughts regarding the aims of research have been changed. I cannot see the logical sequence of some parts of the text (e.g. the first three sentences). Therefore, sometimes it was a bit difficult for me to catch the main ideas presented in the post.
    2. In addition to that, there are several sentences that seem wordy and incomplete. I would like to give some suggestions that make your writing more concise. The fifth, sixth and seventh sentences which inform similar ideas can be combined as follows: “Before, I believed that research is needed just to ask meaningful questions, analyze the existing literature on the topic, and get results that can build a coherent and reliable argument. However, now I have realized that giving an effective presentation of the work to the audience is another crucial aspect of the research”. (After this sentence you could have justified your thoughts by giving examples).
    I hope that you will find these recommendations useful:)


  2. Thanks, Dinara. I think you have raised an important point about the complete research process, including the presentation of findings to an audience. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I would agree with Aisha’s comments on your sentence structures, and would add two more suggestions:
    1. Incorporate an intro-body-conclusion paragraph structure for all your writing. One paragraph, although packed with great ideas, cannot fully develop those ideas.
    2. “Now, after having being engaged in the process of research more deeply, I start to notice that…” (17) This sentence beginner of yours could be easily cut in half: “Now, my deeper research experience has taught me that…” (9) or “After gaining a deeper understanding of the research process, I see that…” (12)


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