All is well that ends well

Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Now we are nearly finishing one more challenging course of our Master program. The word “challenging” has more positive meaning in relation to English for Thesis writing. I find the given course instructed by Philip Montgomery very helpful in terms of improving writing skills, taking over my laziness, building up my research skills and encouraging for further improvements. Certainly I was not skillful in writing thesis which is highly complicated work to deal with. Before taking up this course I was just swimming in the bottomless ocean of the research having no proper understanding of writing. I used to think my thesis would never move from its anchoring point but would end anyway.

In summer session of this academic year we have started this course.  At the very beginning I was thinking that we were doing nothing helpful for thesis and blogging could not solve our problems. However our considerate instructor changed the mode and pace of our work. Week by week we faced new difficulties and fight with them. The utmost difficulty of the course was a fight against my laziness and reluctance to do anything. I was breaking my head over finding inspiration and time to write blogs. The beginning was the hard time thinking about “To Be or not to Be?”  But In short time I understood that my instructor is a “hard nut” who makes his mission possible” to encourage every student to work notwithstanding any fact. Then I started to do my best ever. If I used to make myself work on assignments at the beginning, I started to do them easy and naturally by the middle. I think the time spent on online assignments is not in vain. I could improve my writing, research and online learning skills. I am very thankful for Mr.Montgomery for his quick responds, constructive ,critical comments and smart ideas to make each sentence laconic.

I do not know how this course will end in terms of grades, but I know it will end productive for me. I benefit from the course pretty much which implies well ending.

3 thoughts on “All is well that ends well

  1. Dear Zhuldyzai!
    Thank you for your very impressive blog. Your blog revised me the beginning of our course. I had a number of positive pictures in my head: how I wrote my first blog, how I struggled, my first mark, my first comment. It was really good time.
    I completely agree with you that this course was very productive and that we received a lot from this course. I wish you good luck with your last online assignments.
    Best regards, Aizhan


  2. Dear Zhuldyzay, how much I love you idea and the word you express you ideas: The utmost difficulty of the course was a fight against my laziness and reluctance to do anything. I was breaking my head over finding inspiration and time to write blogs. I feel the same and I am happy that I met someone who thiks the same way as me! we shoud provide the students who study after us with a piece of wisdom on how to be inspired with the tasks!


  3. Zhuldyzay, thanks for sharing your honest reflections and opinions. I see a lot of useful self-reflection that is so important before moving on to the next stage of the “journey”. However, I want to keep pushing you to think critically about every task, especially in terms of application and evaluation. How, for example, do you plan to apply some of the specific things you have practiced in this course to your thesis? How would you improve the course if you were the instructor?

    Thanks for all your hard work this year!



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