Career choice

In one of our courses we discussed how we chose our professions. It emerged that most of the choices were related to UNT and parents’ wills. Nobody followed a dream, all of us had to face the reality.

My groupmates and I did not think about future professions till the time of UNT preparation. I chose geography because I could not imagine myself being related to other subjects and because geography was relatively easy and interesting for me. After the results of UNT I had an opportunity to choose between tourism and geography as a science to get a grant and I chose geography. However, before I was thinking to choose marketing or state and local governance. My groupmates had similar experience. That is how UNT limits career choices for those who wants get an education for free.

Some of my groupmates were influenced by their parents. Parents care about career stability and prestige of chosen profession. Many parents do not heed the words of their children and choose careers themselves. I heard many times from my peers that their parents were against their choices and imposed own preferences. Overdependence on parents is in our mentality, I guess, and some people are not able to make serious decisions without parents’ permission even when they are adults.

Now I think what if we all choose careers according to our dreams and hobbies or should we be realists? In my opinion the answer is that we should be realists who also are not afraid of their dreams. I have noticed that our young generation start to think about their future and what they would like to do earlier than we did, and it is great!

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