Reflecting on some issues…

We are coming close to the end of third semester and this last post will help us to reflect on what we have been doing till present time. So, in this last post I would like to share the challenges I faced being an online learner. Afterwards I will provide my readers with my own opinion about “English for Thesis Writing” course with follow-up recommendations.

There were several difficulties I have encountered this semester.  Probably the biggest challenge for me was combining motherhood and study. There is no doubt that motherhood plays a crucial role in my life; however, education also takes a significant role. I think that my study increases my sense of fulfillment and intellectual stimulation. Both roles are important, but they can be in a conflict. The support from my family, especially from my husband, empowers me not to drop out. The second issue I would like to point out is no absolutely time for main thesis project. Since I came home, I did not open it up even for looking through the comments of my supervisor. However, during “Thesis Seminars” course we finished three chapters: introduction, literature review and methodology.

Undoubtedly, the assignments were created for the sake of helping us in writing main thesis. However, according to the comments of my supervisor I am more successful in my main thesis rather than in mini-thesis project. Honestly, I was referring to my main thesis all the time while writing mini-thesis… Besides, I still have difficulties in formatting papers according to APA style. Thanks to my instructor I began to pay attention even to details in order to avoid slight errors.

Although the course could have been less intensive I liked it, especially blog writing. I was very engaged in the process of looking through the thoughts and experiences of my master peers and commenting on them. I suppose that blog writing fosters such skills like openness, responsibility, and creativity. Besides, blogs facilitate us to give constructive feedback to each other. Next recommendation I would give is to create a learning trajectory for every student separately, perhaps by differentiating the tasks. The only suggestion I would give to future students is to know what you want from the programme and to take the best from it.


1 thought on “Reflecting on some issues…

  1. Dear Samal,

    Thank you very much for your thoughts. My favorite part of the course too were reading and responding to the blogs. They really are a good way to learn and communicate. Now you can get to work on your main thesis. I will try to make next semester as painless as possible so that you have time to be a good mother!

    I wish you success with everything!

    Ann in Astana



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