Kazakhstan as an example of intercultural hub

Due to the multicultural nature of Kazakhstani society, this country can be one of the examples of successful policy in the question of uniting ethnically diversified population. Undoubtedly, in order to promote stable economic growth and friendly atmosphere, it is important to provide respect and to take into consideration representatives of all nationalities residing in the country for creating intercultural dialogue. But what is exactly done in Kazakhstan in order to promote the idea of intercultural friendship?

One of the steps toward uniting people was the introduction of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan as a political body of representatives underpinned by the Law. One of the main functions of this organization is to support and develop cultural centers, newspapers, and theaters in all regions. Another step is educating respectful relationship to the diversified nature of Kazakhstani population in family and educational institutions. In the latter, there are subjects like Study of the World and Sociology and events devoted to national holidays. In addition, there is the Day of Unity of Kazakhstani People celebrated on the 1st of May by the parade, presentation of cuisine, and concert. As for the linguistic involvement, there are language minority schools, where Kazakh, Russian, and English languages are represented as compulsory subjects, because higher education is available only in Kazakh, Russian, and English only.

This means that in spite of the fact that it is difficult to include language minorities in social and political life of the country, the experience of our country shows that still it is possible. As the cultural balance is difficult to be kept, it is also preferable to provide more researches in order to study changes in the society.

Do you have any more examples of intercultural involvement in Kazakhstan? Do you know anyone who gains or suffers because of their nationality in Kazakhstan?

2 thoughts on “Kazakhstan as an example of intercultural hub

  1. Thank you Darina! I think we can witness the intercultural involvement in some interethnic couples who have created diffrent model of the ‘nest of society’. My cousin’s husband is Russian, and it is really interesting to observe their intercultural family occasions.


  2. Thank you for sharing thoughts about interculturalism in Kazakhstan.
    The word “PEACE” is a beautiful word and an important idea in any country. However, interculturalism sometimes leads to the loss of national identity, doesn’t it? Because of multi dimentional facet in the country, a nation may, not intuitively absorb other’s language, culture, behaviours, attitudes, values etc. In this sense, many factors influenced on intercultural identity of Kazakh such as historical and international changes and movements.
    My perosnal opinion toward this idea is neutral. Definitely, there must be tolerance between ethnicities in our country, but we must remember the proverb: “Жаман үйді – қонағы билейді” (proverb: A habit is first a wanderer, then a guest, and finally the boss).


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