I will miss this…

This year has been especially hard in defining priorities and setting the right time to do the most important tasks. However, I am glad that it was almost done for one of the major fields we all used to keep in our minds every week. I remember my phone blowing up from conference-messages of my groupmates discussing the assignment content and dates. That was also good in keeping the bonds between the people from different places that were never close before the actual course.

I have never tried blogging before the actual course. Now I can look back and see myself panicking the very first day, when I was unable to register to the course. Hopefully, those days have passed.
Sometimes the course was very challenging too. I remember the times, when I could not find time to complete the assignments from on-going seminar and the blog. I was close to give up. Then the inspiration came.
The instructor of the course was helpful and quick to respond to every of our needs. It also helped us while struggling against the difficulties with course requirements and time management.

It was interesting to read the viewpoints of my group mates. Every time we were assigned new tasks to do, my group mates were quick and innovative to find different approaches and present the information in the way I have never thought before. I especially liked the one on teaching technologies. I shared many of them with my colleagues at school and they were happy to get these materials.
I would like to suggest several ways to improve the course for the next cohort of students:
1. To define the amount of work that the students receive from on-going courses and online courses in order not to create the issues related to time-management and poor quality of submitted works.
2. To set a connection with schools and verify the fact that the students are not assigned to do any tasks related to work. Otherwise the prioritization between two, leave the students with the work as more important.
3. To involve more of interactive exercises into the content of this course. This way the students will get a chance to ask questions they do not have an opportunity to ask the instructor.
In a nutshell, I would like to say that this course has been extremely helpful in defining both strong and also weak points in my knowledge. I will miss the course and the input of my classmates.

3 thoughts on “I will miss this…

  1. Hello Laura,
    I enjoyed this couse too. We will all definitely miss it. It was good structured and compatible with real life demands.The way you described everything really shows its value and benefits.


  2. Dear Laura,
    I agree with many points you raised in this post, especially about setting priorities and sacrificing the quality of the assignments. We do need to clearly see expected workload for every course and then try to organize the semester in a productive way.
    Suggestions that you give for improvements are important and it would great if they are followed.


  3. Thank you for your feedback, Laura. It is helpful to hear critical feedback from students about ways to improve the course. I have been impressed with your continued commitment to submitting high-quality work. Your writing is personal and professional at the same time, a characteristic that is often difficult to develop naturally. I look forward to working with you in the spring!



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