I have a dream…

A magnificent speech, delivered in front of Lincoln Memorial, brought many people hope for a bright future. Now, a multimillion country enjoys the outcomes of that event. “I have a dream…” of Martin Luther King has become an important phrase in my life for about last 10 years. It has seemed so sacred to me that I believe if I start my dreaming with these words, all I want will come true. In this post I would like to share one of my biggest dreams with you.


I have a dream that one day I will wake up at dawn full of wonderful feeling toward a coming day. That day is going to be the beginning of my great journey around Kazakhstan. It will be a car journey with the purpose to discover the vast land inherited from great ancestors, to see how people live in each corner of Kazakhstan. No region will be left untouched. This trip will open untold secrets of mysterious steppe that conceals history of centuries, millenniums and is a witness of the rebirth of independent Kazakh country.

I have a dream to visit Kokshetau with its Burabai, the place where Kazakh Khan Ablai hoisted his flag of his statehood. I will fall in love with the masterpiece of nature that I will see there. Fresh air and the smell coming from forests of Petropavl and Qostanai will fill my lungs with energy to move forward towards discoveries.

I have a dream to see the treasury of nomads – west, which is now the firm foundation of our country’s economy. The white peak of Aqtobe will blind my eyes, leading me to Oral. There I will be waved by waters of Great Zhaiq that sail me to Atyrau. I will stand on the place where Europe and Asia border, being proud of how huge my Motherland is. Then, the light of Aqtau’s lighthouse will illuminate my way, making sure that I am not get lost. I will bow my head to the old Caspian Sea thanking for its beauty.

I have a dream to walk along the riverside of Syrdariya in the city of Qyzylorda, the second capital of the former soviet Kazakhstan. Moving south-east, Turkestan will tell me its story of glory and sorrow of the holy land. Shining Shymkent will take me to visit the city. Amazed with the diversity of population living there I will bless God for the peace in our homes. Then, I will speed to greet two thousand year old ancient Taraz. It will capture me by the love stories of Aisha Bibi and Qarakhan.

I have a dream to go up to Koktobe and watch how Almaty sleeps. I will go to the central square to honor the heroes of 1986 Zheltoqsan, who against long odds fought for independence of Kazakhstan. Taldyqorgan will call me to immerse into the waters of seven rivers.

I have a dream to visit Semey, the home of Abai, deeply learning every single word of his edifications. Oskemen will be my next destination. I will not dare to continue my journey not seeing Altai Mountains and Katon Qaragai national park. Pavlodar will be my terminal on my further way.

I have a dream to drive to the energy womb of our land which is famous Qaragandy. I will meet and have long conversations with people of the city, who are credited as very hardworking.

Finally, I have a dream to come back to my new home, the country’s favorite – Astana. I will be back with a lot of positive emotions, satisfied curiosity and a pile of unforgettable memories put in gigabytes of photos.

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