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Have you ever faced with a quarter-life crisis?

I was often thinking about the uncertainty of the people after the university graduation. What to do after the graduation? To work? But where? To study? For what purpose? To spend two or more years for studying  again? This uncertainty happens after the school graduation too. However, school leavers are too young, and being afraid of new adult life is understandable. But what about students who are leaving university? They are so called adult people who are already about 20-25 years old. What happens with them after the graduation? The period of uncertainty in the modern life is named as a quarter-life crisis.

We often hear about middle age crisis or awkward age. But what a quarter-life crisis is?

In fact, quarter-life crisis is a modern life notion that happens with people aged from 20 to 30 years old. This crisis occurs after the graduation of the university (immediately or after some moment) when people have to face the real adult life. In this period of life they feel themselves lost and they are on the way of seeking the answer to the question “Who I want to be?” or “What is my next destination?” with a help of all skills acquired at home, at school and in the university.


I deem everyone faced this crisis, maybe it was even unconsciously. Before encountering this notion, I did not imagine that I had the period of life which called as “crisis”. Actually, after graduation the university with honors, the only question that I had in my mind was “What’s next?” I began to rethink my life. The thought as four years of studying was meaningless flashed  a lot across my mind. I felt myself not ready to the adult life. It seemed I did not have enough skills and knowledge to work in worthwhile places. In that moment, I haven’t received the acceptance letter from Nazarbayev University. My future education was in doubt too. Thus, I was lost regarding my future life by feeling fear of not finding right way.


Hopefully, this period lasts only 1month and it was not the period when I had depression all day and all night. Just I had some troubles within myself.  So, in the July I had a happy ticket to the new life called “MA student of NUGSE”.

All in all, as Shakespeare said “All’s Well That Ends Well”. I believe that everyone once had this quarter-life crisis. Am I right or no? Please, feel free to share your thoughts about this period of life.