Do you talk to think or think to talk?

Have you ever thought of the way you talk and think? Do you always mean what you are saying? Have you ever caught yourself realizing that this or that particular thing didn’t sound the way you wanted it to?

Time passing by, I notice that many of us are offended by their friends, colleagues or just acquaintances because of the way they express their thoughts. I would understand if it was connected to criticizing, but unfortunately not always. This once more reminds us that having good communicational skills is vital. It is even seen straight after the argument when you start to apologize and say that it wasn’t exactly the thing you intended to say. I am always contemplating over the preventions of such circumstances, trying to understand the possible reasons for this to happen. The general assumption I have made was that everything depends on the circumstances, situations and the conditions you in; But the article (fastcompany, 2006), I accidentally stumbled, was a kind of a frame to sort the diversified ideas I had.

According to this article, there are two types of people, the ones who talk-to-think and the ones who think-to-talk. Talk-to-thinkers express their minds out loud all the time and they are willing to understand the things by talking to others or by hearing their opinions and views. This type of people may construct their thoughts while talking; they clear their minds by getting rid of every single detail they have there. Whereas, think-to-talkers first construct their thoughts carefully and only then speak. Though it takes time, and usually it happens that the person they are talking looses interest or gets impatient and even angry while waiting for an answer.

Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t assume that all people can fall under one of the descriptions given above. Some people may contain both of the characteristics, some neither; some might be of a category of “think-to-thinkers” or “talk-to-talkers” 🙂  Anyway, in this blog my intention was to make you feel the difference between your thoughts and words.

1 thought on “Do you talk to think or think to talk?

  1. Dear Kudaibergen,

    Thank you for this information. It makes me think what goes first thinking or talking in my case)) However, I suppose for separation into two types influence several factors such as gender, age, emotional condition, situation, place, and people. Also, I think that these two types can be in one person. For instance, as an individual is spontaneous, once he/she thinks before talks because of formal meeting, once needs to improvise in front of a boss talking and trying to think what to make up.
    That is why it is quite simple just to divide into two groups. We should think deeper and answer to the questions Why? How? What?


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