Academic Crossfit

What do you need to succeed? If anyone thinks about an answer for this question would say to oneself an infinity of various external factors such as proper resources, good environment, flexible schedule, etc. This list of desires for your personal success may be really long but nothing will happen… unless you start working on your own weaknesses, thereby transforming them into your personal strengths and skills. During last semester an effective combination of traditional learning and regular online learning eliminated routine and challenged me every week and session but it helped me to identify my gaps and focus on them.

I believe this semester has become a real booster in pushing us closer to the thesis and its preparation in more meaningful way. The research terms and notions, which first were incognito for most of us, were on the lips of my group mates. During last semester I was hearing “sampling strategy”, “data collection instruments”, “ethical issues”, “observation protocol”, “research design” not from the University professors but in debates and discussions of my group mates again.

What I do appreciate in the courses is that we have had a fair opportunity to get a constant feedback on performed writings and other works with their further reasonable assessment. It’s one thing to get marks for completed tasks but it’s another thing to obtain luculent explanation of a result and get recommendations from the supervisors and also your peers on how your work and its design may be improved and what mistakes should be avoided.

As a result of collaboration with supervisors and peers the frame of my thesis is absolutely clear for me. I know that I have to keep working with the literature review and constantly enhance it focusing on the analysis but not the summary, what I would also advise to other graduate learners. Overall, I am quite optimistic about my research project and looking forward to completing it.

So basically my knowledge and experience acquired during this semester has become richer and comprehensive. I was pleased to learn and understand that this knowledge could be beneficial and contribute to the content and correct design of my research and could be applied at my work as well. Although not everything was so smooth, the high level of intensity and lack of time for doing weekly tasks have become a real challenge for me. Fortunately, I have made good conclusions from this experience.


2 thoughts on “Academic Crossfit

  1. Dear Kairat,

    I really like the way you are writing. Your post is perfectly organized and nicely to read.

    I do agree with you that this course could have been less intensive. I hope that in forthcoming holidays we will sigh with relief and gain strength for writing our main thesis.


  2. Kairat, the clarity of focus and purpose that you describe is exactly one goal of this program. So many students feel lost and confused for too long and only at some point does it all “click” together. I’m glad to read your optimistic words, especially when they are written and organized so clearly.



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