My first Thesis writing experience

Writing thesis is not an easy process. However, it is very interesting and engaging for me. Once, one of our professors said that if you don’t have passion to write about this topic, don’t even start writing until you find the one you are really passionate about. Having studied for about 1,5 year on Master’s program I realised that this is a true  thing. Before starting my full thesis work, I was thinking a lot on my focus. I brainstormed the most actual issues in the educational system of Kazakhstan, even did my first steps in finding literature on those topics. But  I still felt no passion and was very upset.

This summer session we had an interesting course on Inclusive education. I had a chance to present and later to write final work on giftedness as a learning barrier. Before, I couldn’t even imagine that giftedness can become a learning barrier for some students. While doing my final assignment on Giftedness I found an interesting article about “Twice exceptional” students. I was really confused as hadn’t heard about such a notion ever.

Having read that article I thought about my teaching practice and came to the conclusion that I have a lot of twice exceptional students whom I teach. By the way, a twice exceptional student is a gifted student who at the same time has some other learning barriers (different disoders, challenging behavior, social-cultural barriers, etc.).

I tried to find some articles on this topic, and found out that this issue is been researched across the globe. Unfortunately, it is not deeply researched in Kazakhstan. It was one of the gaps in our research studies on education. Then I got access to one chat where parents and teachers talk about their children’s problems. Listing the free chat it became obvious to me that most of schools and families struggle with how to educate gifted students with ADHD disorder (twice exceptionals). I decided that I need to help the educational system and research this topic deeply.

Having started my research i faced several problems in the very beginning. As I said there is no information on this topic in the context of Kazakhstani education, so I was looking for the literature on my topic. And paper by paper I found a plenty of articles and even books on my topic. The best resource fir me was the online library system of NU with its great databases.

I learnt one more new thing for me about ethics approval. It was difficult to see any risks that my research participants can face. It seemed to me as there are no risks there. However, my supervisor, helped me to understand what do risks for participans really mean. And I looked at my research from a totally different angle.

So, I am passionate about my research, and that’s why feel happy.

I’d like to give one advice to the researchers that you should never lose motivation for doing your research and don’t be alone in this process. Talk to your groupmates, family, colleagues, students, professors, instructors and get brilliant ideas from them. As once the process starts it will continue forever.

Finally, I want to appreciate our instructors and professors for their work and constant support. The work they are doing is invaluable.
Wish everyone all the best in our research way!!!

About dinarashaimakhanova

MSc School Leadership program interested in studying the topic of relationship between students' giftedness and consecutive teachers' professional development practice

9 thoughts on “My first Thesis writing experience

  1. My dear Friend,
    Thank you a lot for sharing your experience with us. Really happy to hear that you finally chose the thesis you have the best feeling about.
    Good luck with your research!


  2. Dear Dinara, you are lucky as your research question is connected with one of the elective courses that we had. I also didn’t have any idea that giftedness can be a learning barrier to some students during their long way toward the education. I am glad that you ar every passionate about your topic. I hope to raise my passion too. thank you good luck in your thesis writing.

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  3. Dear Dinara,

    Glad that you have defined the research field for further exploration!
    You gave very good advice for future research seekers, it seems that you have obtained a good experience to share with others.

    Wish you the best in your writing!


  4. Well done, Dinara. You have consistently worked hard to carefully, honestly and skillfully present your ideas to us on this blog. Personal motivation is indeed an important quality to foster in yourself and in others. Thank you for sharing.



  5. Yes, writing thesis is very rewarding activity because you contribute to the educational field. I am struggling to choose valuable topic for my thesis. I have considred many ones. I wish to chose most useful of them


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