Dealing with procrastination is not an easy task

Recently I watched TED talk by Tim Urban. In his talk “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator“, Tim shared his experience of procrastination on important things, like writing a thesis. Then, I realized that it is not only me, who have been struggling in meeting deadlines, particularly, when you do not have strict deadlines.For instance, I know that I need to work on my thesis regularly, I even made a three-month plan for writing a thesis, but I rarely sticked to it. I now realize that I always find something else to do except working on a thesis. I would rather concentrate on work or read blogs on facebook or just watch football games. And thesis?! Yeah, I am very eager to write my thesis this Saturday and Sunday…Ooops, I have an English assignment to finish on those days. So, I never start to work on the actual thesis.

I think I can manage procrastination if I follow some recommendations made by some experts, such as meditating and having enough sleep (McGonigal, 2013). It is actually interesting to explore the effects of procrastination on students’ achievements and I might even choose this a topic for my PhD dissertation, but let me first finish my MSc paper.


McGonigal K. (2013). The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It. Avery; Reprint edition.

Urban T. (2016). Inside the mind of a master procrastinator [Video file]. Retrieved from

2 thoughts on “Dealing with procrastination is not an easy task

  1. I haven seen that TED talk of Urban, too. And I was also inspired to share my experience of being a “master procrastinator” on my blog. It’s interesting to see someone else’s story. Thesis writing is a big project for all master students. We know that Urban completed a “great” work in two nights, but it was assessed as the worst one. That’s how procrastination leads to such an aftermath. It sometimes hurt us. I warned this noisy monkey with my enriched plan schedule, but not all the time it works. Out of curiosity, I just checked your post’s time, thankfully, it was March. When you realize something is out of control, it is never late to restart. And my last word for all master procrastinators, let’s stop procrastinating.


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