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A piece of music a day makes you better anyway


The late 1990s. At the age of 6 I went to a pre-school. The same year I started to attend music school in Kostanay. That time I had various music subjects including the class of piano. The year was сrucial in my life since I should pass the final exams to be the 1st grader in a music school and to become a student of a primary school. Fortunately, I succeeded in killing two birds with one stone and was offered to study at the only school with music focus in the city where there was one class of beginning musicians. What could be better than that? – Nothing, and I will tell you why.

To begin with, I think that music is closely related to discipline. That time I did not even know the term “time-management” but was successful in following its rules as it happened. My whole day was full of activities and duties. In the morning I had to attend two to three music classes such as music literature, solfeggio, choir, etc. Then, in the afternoon, as a whole class we attended our compulsory subjects such as mathematics, languages, literature and so forth. Thus, a child who devotes his/her time, except the school subjects, to music, is able to plan a day, as a rule.

Second, when my parents decided to bind my childhood with music they made me a favor. If a child plays various music compositions he tries to reflect and repeat all the emotions passed by the author. As a consequence, children became attentive and respectful towards human feelings. Moreover, children learn how to be patient and hard-working. The reason is it is not nearly easy to memorize all the music notes in a moment and play a composition by heart.

Third, I will agree with those who say that music in education is not necessarily needed. But, I will add that the knowledge of music masterpieces, the ability to recognize them and value develop a person’s inner world as reading of classic literature does. In my opinion, if a person believes himself/herself to be a man of culture, he or she is ought to be aware of the world of music.

To conclude, the world does not rest on its laurels; human beliefs and values change. But still, I hope music will stay with us forever, making us to create, broadening our horizons. So, what could be better than that?