Last but hopefully not the least

Dear Reader,

Here I am writing my last post in this course. Frankly speaking, all these posts writing was a huge challenge for me because I am not a big fan of displaying my feelings and frustrations to the audience. Fortunately, the audience was very supportive and understanding as they also had to go through the same challenges.

Speaking about the challenges. I had several of them. The first and the most important is Her majesty Lack of Time. I think that this is so common and so beaten but it is an absolute truth. I did not have enough time for reading relevant literature and writing a literature review. I did not have enough time to understand what literature review is, therefore, my literature review for my full thesis made me blush from sincere shame. I doubt that I would have time in future, however, I have to find a right balance and start concentrating seriously on my full thesis.

Next challenge was my dearest friend Lack of critical analysis. Unfortunately, the most common feedback in all the courses I had was “Your paper lacks critical analysis”. By all means, a disability to think critically will cause me lot of troubles when I start to analyze the data for my full thesis. However, I am an optimistic person who believes in miracles and hopes that by that time of data analysis I will learn how to become critical.

Finally, there is one more challenge – English for Thesis writing. One would think that it is strange for a teacher of English language to say such things about having troubles with academic writing. Alas, thesis writing English is an absolutely different song that I was not used to sing. I am sometimes so lost what words to use and what grammar construction to apply. Not all of my attempts to sound academic finish successfully. Sometimes I stumble and fall, but then stand up and continue learning. I would like to mention that this online course in English really helped me to improve my writing skills. Therefore, I recommend all the future students to read thoroughly all the guidelines and reflect on the instructor’s feedbacks.

Instead of conclusion, I just wanted to say that no matter what challenges I experienced during my studies, this was the best time I ever had. I am growing and becoming mature and experienced with every reading I am required to read and with every writing I am required to write. Hopefully, all my groupmates and me will successfully finish our studies and become Real Researchers and Future Leaders in educational field.


7 thoughts on “Last but hopefully not the least

  1. Dear Miramgul

    Thank you very much for your structured analysis over the time we spend on thesis writing and english for thesis writing courses. It was clear and fair enough to get your feelings from the very first line you are writing. I need to say that some of the issues you are rising are the part of my challenges too. And I really liked the fact that despite many difficulties you are always on time to submit the assignments.
    I do not have any recommendations to give you but wanted to thank for your great posts and fantastic atmosphere your writings left every time I read them. I am glad that I know you!


  2. Dear Miramgul!
    I really liked your post. While reading your blog I tried to hold back my tears. You described all problems which we have but do not like to talk about. You are brave person! You logically organized all your ideas and it made the process of reading vey easy and understandable. I hope that I will have another chance to read your blogs and that this blog is not the last. 🙂
    Best regards, Aizhan


  3. Dear Miramgul,

    Thank you for your inspirational post!)
    It is true about Her Majesty lack of Time!)
    Every Sunday I wake up with a thought: why don’t we have more than 24 hours a day?) I think in our case that would be a true miracle 🙂
    I am positive about blogging and I have noticed some improvements in my writing, and generating ideas. I am even thinking of adopting this idea at my work and creating our teachers’ blog, as I think I will miss this experience when we graduate from the university.
    “Graduation is on the horison” as our instructor Philip told us to encourage us working hard and not to give up. However, when I think about graduation, it makes me feel sad, as I know that we will return back to our normal lives, and maybe more peaceful and tranquil in contrast ro what we have now, but still, I will miss this study that is binding us together.

    Sorry for my sentimental feedback.

    Kind regards, Aliya


  4. Dear Miramgul,
    I really liked the way of how you expressed your feelings towards our online seminar and its assignments. I think you could highlight the most popular challenges that we faced during our learning process and fortunately it gave us a push to work on it and develop our skills. Learning without difficulties is boring and I’m happy that all this experience I could share with you, my group as a whole and our instructors.
    Wish you good luck with further study and your thesis!


  5. Very emotional post, I think. I really liked the phrases like “Her Majesty Lack of Time” and “different song that I was not used to sing” that spiced your post.
    I agree with all your points but lack of critical thinking. From our experience of working with you, I think that you have good critical thinking skills. So, never give up and believe in yourself!


  6. Dear Meiramgul,
    Thank you for your inresting style of presenting the problems which Master students face in reality.I agree with you that even though the vere some obstacles in completing tasks on time, there was some overwhelming in our schedule, but we did it. we learnt a lot by constant hard work, this onle course helped to be better academic writers! Especially blog writing was beneficial experience to see variety of wrtiting styles among our groupmates and take something useful for ourselves…


  7. Miramgul,

    Your post made me laugh, and then made me think, and I found myself nodding along the whole thing. I find it interesting that you feel like your attempts to “sound” academic have failed in writing. I imagine that most people who try to sound like something they aren’t will be quite unsuccessful. The key is not to “sound” academic (like some pedantic, esoteric encyclopedia article), but to BE academic, something which you clearly are. And for you, being academic is being organized, thoughtful, and straightforward with your writing. This post shows exactly that, and I am sure your thesis will too.



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