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Bad advice for Master students

All children are different. Some of them listen to what their parents teach them, and it makes the life of their mothers and fathers so much easier. However, what can we do to educate the disobedient ones?

In 1990 Grigory Oster published the first book of the “Bad advice” (Rus.: “Вредные советы”) series that he called “a vaccine against stupidity”. Naughty children that listen to advice and do the opposite were the target readers of “Bad advice”. Saturated with humor, the book has become very popular not only amongst “bad” children, the “good” ones  and even adults enjoyed reading it.

As every GSE newcomer struggles with particular problems, he/she is given valuable advice by our professors or more experienced students. But what if he/she is a former child from Oster’s book? In this case, I present you my version of “Bad advice. NUGSE edition”.

Bad advice for Master students

Inspired by Grigory Oster’s “Bad advice”


Once you are enrolled in Master’s,

You can feel relief and joy.

There’ll be no one to control you,

They can only give advice.


But don’t listen to professors,

They do only see the hard way.

Listen to this bad advice and

Follow it! No second thoughts!


They will say that you can only

Cite and quote in APA. But!

Show your teachers

Who the boss is.

Cite and quote the way YOU like!


When they say that you should manage

Time and tasks, and mind deadlines,

They just keep exaggerating

‘cause time-management is myth.


If you feel like doing nothing,

Don’t resist the lazy monster.

Just forget about assignments

And keep watching “Game of thrones”.


In group projects wait for someone

Do the work instead of you, and

Keep the silence, then contribute

Just by saying “I agree”.


When it comes to final project

That is due to week eleven,

Keep postponing and ignoring,

Last-ditch effort always helps.


All in all, you should remember:

If your groupmates keep believing

They must read and write and think,

This poor people didn’t listen

All this precious bad advice.