Ways for creative thinking

Since civilization human world, people have invented and created various inventions through their creativity skills. This skill is the result of creative thinking. It is necessary to develop creative thinking skills because it helps to solve problems, design plans, synthesize and use information variously (Five techniques that build creative thinking, n.d). There are effective five approaches to formulate our creativity thinking skills. In this blog I want to discuss these approaches to better understand ways of building creative thinking skills.

Imagination.  While our brain process the situations or problems, we can imagine possible consequences, reflections . This thinking helps to improve cognitive and problem solving skills (Five techniques that build creative thinking, n.d). Therefore, it is important to allow children to imagine and discover the things and concepts since their childhood.

Observation. This action is helpful to create solution for problems by considering the relation of the things which we perceive in observation.  Therefore, “observation can be described as perception with purpose” (Five techniques that build creative thinking, n.d, para.11).  It means that by carefully and intentionally observing situation people can think about why and how this situation occurs like this. In other words, they attempt to give rational for the situation considering possible solutions. This process helps people to activate their brain work.

Brainstorming.  This activity is useful to generate various alternative ideas, thoughts and assumptions (Five techniques that build creative thinking, n.d). Subsequently, teachers and students try to find connection of the ideas.  Hence, it will help children to develop reasoning skills along with thinking skills.

Association. It is helpful to think out of box. This is because people associate the things with numerous things giving proper rational for their thoughts (Five techniques that build creative thinking, n.d).  They attempt to illustrate and combine the things to each other. Therefore, they construct new ideas and concepts.

Attribute analysis. This activity has importance in learning how to innovate things.  To teach innovating things teacher can ask students to describe every detail of a camera, for example, and then to say functions of its attributes (Five techniques that build creative thinking, n.d). After recalling the function of camera’s attributes teacher challenge children to say what will happen if they combine two attributes.  By asking such kind of challengeable question, students start thinking independently and creating response for the new challenges.

These approaches have pertinent value for any people. Everyday life we face different problems and challenges. Our creativity skills help us to find proper and innovative answer. As future policy makers in education, it is also important for us to develop our creative thinking skills

In conclusion, imagination, observation, brainstorming, association and attribute analyzing are the effective approaches to formulate creative thinking skills of people. This is because each technique are oriented to think out of box, innovate and find solutions.


Five techniques that build creative thinking ( n.d.) Retrieved from http://naturalfamilytoday.com/uncategorized/5-techniques-that-build-creative-thinking-skills/

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