Being an online student, a teacher and a mother…

This final post will give you an insight about my experience in the “English for Thesis Writing” course. I will reflect on my strengths and weaknesses as an online learner and give a piece of advice how to succeed in this course. I would also like to give some recommendations to the course instructors on the organization of the course.

First and foremost, I would say that I learnt a lot from this course. I started appreciating every minute of my day as I know much can be done even in 15-minutes time. Moreover, I became better at planning my week beforehand and prioritizing things that I had to do. I also benefited much from my group mates posts as they helped me to see things from different perspectives. However, I was not successful in managing studying, working full-time and mothering at the same time. To my great regret, my daughters suffered much since I spent my only weekend writing posts and mini thesis. I couldn’t attend my children’s gymnastic trainings because of being overloaded with all my responsibilities. Thus, I think I failed as a good mother for my daughters, but I did well at work and did my hardest in this online course.

As for mini thesis experience, I have discrepant thoughts in terms of its effectiveness for my main thesis. On the one hand, I find intervewing experience very helpful and necessary for our future data collection. On the other hand, a literature review on online education was destracting for me as I couldn’t concentrate on my main literature review which I am still working on.

In order to be successful in this course and benefit much from it, I would suggest future online learners to be self-disciplened and have outstanding time management skills. In addition, I would recommend to plan ahead in case you will combine studying and working at the same time.

As for the recommendations for the course instructors, I think it would be much more of help to write different sections of the main research’s literature review to develop such skills as writing coherently and alligning with research question(s). Moreover, I would recommend to teach this cource both online and while students are on-campus, as I think they can benefit more while interacting with the instructors and peers in the classroom.

To conclude, I would like to thank the course instructors for giving constructive feedback and developing our academic English. Despite the challenges I faced, I believe this course was worth taking.

3 thoughts on “Being an online student, a teacher and a mother…

  1. Dear Bota,

    How I understand you! I am ready to sign under every word you wrote))) Combining study and motherhood is very difficult but possible. I don’t want you think that you failed as a good mother because you study in order to give the bests you can for your children. It is temporary))) I have the same feelings sometimes in relation to my family. However, I feel great support from it, especially from my husband. Sometimes I think that my little miracle understands that his mother studies. He sits silently with his great-grandmother while I am writing the assignments))))

    We can do everything! We are heroes!


  2. Dear Bota,
    Yes, weekend is the only time when you are free from you work, but you are busy with your studies and it is difficult to find time for family. Having those experience, have you ever thought about doing PhD in near future?


  3. Botagoz,
    Do you mean “conflicting” thoughts about the mini-thesis project? I have thought about your idea about having students write the lit review of their main thesis to develop writing skill. I will discuss with with Phillip. If your thesis adviser concentrated only on the content, and we concentrated only on the grammar, sentence structure, etc., it might work. You are not on campus and cannot visit the Writing Center, so it sounds like a good idea to me.

    I certainly appreciate your feedback.

    Ann in Astana


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