That is it…

This is the end… Hold your breath and count to ten… With these words from a famous song by Adelle I will, probably, enter the classroom on the day of my master thesis defense. Just less than two years ago on August 11, 2014 (my first day at NUGSE) this day seemed to be so far away… And now there is only a month and a half left till that moment of Viva Voce. As my thesis supervisor says, “Well, don’t stress around, just think that in less than two months you will be done with everything and, hopefully, receive that nice piece of paper (diploma)”…

This spring session at GSE was quite different from our previous sessions. There were no regular classes, and there were no entire group hours. This made me feel a little sad. For me the schedule this time was very convenient since due to the reason of having a three-months-old baby I would not be able to attend the classes all day. However, I still missed those long hours of lectures and all the fun we had with my unique and wonderful groupmates.

Today is May 1 – the last day of the English for Thesis Writing II course. I can say that I learned quite a number of useful things in this course. The best part of it for me was sharing my writing with my groupmate for peer revisions. I am very thankful for my amazing groupmate, now a FRIEND, Gulnara Duskaziyeva for doing any pair or group work with me from the very start of our studies. Without her support and sense of humor, my days at GSE would not be so memorable and exciting. Special thanks to Philip Montgomery, the greatest online course instructor and best ‘feedback provider’ for teaching me many secrets of successful writing 🙂

I will end my writing here with these words: Let all of us be free and happy on June 16, 2016!

3 thoughts on “That is it…

  1. Good luck for your thesis defense. I like your introduction with that song, and it just appeals to me. Recently, I have read several posts of graduates. Thanks for sharing your experiences, because I worried too much about thesis writing. Your guys unconsciously encourage me to work hard and make me believe that “where there is a will, there’s a way” from your words. Moreover, peer revision is really important for writing, too. Again, I hope you will give a great presentation of your thesis. All the best.


  2. I wish you good luck for defending you thesis and achieve A grade. Yes, studying at NUGSE has unique orgazation system and it really helps everyone to successfully study. Hope you will see the fruit of your efforts.


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