Saying goodbye is always sad but let’s summarize the main aspects of my covered study.

  1. Following the topic for research. From the first days of my study at Nazarbayev University I was ready to investigate the issue which was important for me during my work period. Each session and each course helped me how to explore the topic. In this case I think that it’s better to inform students who are going to be accepted by university on master programs about their desired theme to research in advance.
  2. Time management. During my study on bachelor programs I never met the problem with deadlines and here I faced some difficulties with the certain period of time for each assignment. Also it was new for me because even at work I have my personal assistant who is in charge of planning my day. It took quite a lot of time to adapt when only me is responsible for the right distribution of time. This challenge is solved only by the student and permanent practice which is given by our instructors.
  3. Real motivation to study. Looking through all my assignments that I have done, I really understand that at the each step I was inspired to read articles of different researchers and scholars and I started to think critically. I really enrich my knowledge with the help of information provided by our instructors. From each course I tried to take the best things and represent it for my further discussions in assignments.
  4. Self-study. Each course, especially the distances courses, encourages us to study by ourselves. Unfortunately sometimes I really doubted if I interpreted the theme correctly. And the recommendation here is to be in contact with the instructor who supports and directs you. It seems that they are 24 hours a day online and ready to help you. The main thing is not to ignore their help and address to them when it is necessary. We are not alone in study process.
  5. Further development. I really incline to not stop and develop further. This experience at university motivates me to perform, offer and realize other plans and recommendations how to improve our education!

Finally, in this phase of my study I’d like to prompt future students not to be afraid of hard study, on the contrary, be ready for a new knowledge, unforgettable experience and exciting feelings!

4 thoughts on “Summarizing…

    1. Dear Ruslan,
      Yes, I posted more my recommendations for successful performance.
      Regarding the time management I had some problems as I mentioned in my post. The only tip here from my personal experience is permanent training and to try to do several things, sort out them and complete by the definite time. It was very useful for me!


  1. Dear Assem,

    This is very nicely summarized. I hope that you can somehow keep in touch with everyone your have blogged with this semester. Would you permit me to photocopy this and give it to my first year students without your name? It’s extremely good advice and observations for them.

    Ann in Astana


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