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Why do graduates escape working in village schools?

imagesMost of students come from villages in order to study at Universities. Their first impression in city would be fast developed technologies and great opportunities to have career and apply for various positions. In comparison, there is huge difference between urban and rural students in accordance with professionalism (Eshpanova et al., 2009). Therefore, rural youth would stay in the city and develop their self-realization. But to what extent graduates are ready to abandon the city and go to village in order to make any social contribution? Rural areas suffer from young educated, professional and open mind specialists. Therefore, there is a governmental programme is called “With the diploma – to the village” with package of free accommodation, increment 25 % of salary which is more than salaries of urban teachers, also there is one-time incentive about 120 000 tenge to attract young professionals.  However, I have been witness of most of my relatives and friends who tried to work via this programme but after few years they gave up working in isolation environment and had return money they have gotten from government, went back to city. What is the reason of breaking away from village? Maybe there is real isolation with no social activities in the village? Maybe they give up realizing their ideas because of poor conditions?  Or they just aim to get free incentives… that’s uncovered question. One day, conditions of village schools will achieve the high standard, but would there be young professionals who are used to live in the comfort of city life…??? But there is something bigger than unwanted action of young specialists to be eager to work in village schools. Where is the spirit of compassion to make improvements to village education? I would like to stop here with lovely words of Jason Mraz`s song: “If you do it right, you`ll love where you are”.(there is a link for that song 

). You are welcome to share your ideas… References Eshpanova, D. D., Aitbai, K. O., & Aidarbekov, Z. S. (2009). Problems of the social development of the young people of Kazakhstan. Russian Education & Society51(5), 63-80.Рисунок2Yeah, I am gonna work in village school!!!!