Write and you’ll get happiness…

As it turned out the writing process was not finished with the end of the first year… At first, it seemed very nice to have a lot of time and not so many tasks, but reality is not so happy as it seems. Understanding that you should write constantly your thesis is spoiled by the constant necessity to do your job; and the challenge of the right choice is  very complicated. What is the most important thing? Work or Study?

I think, people in the same situation can understand the problem. Both things are important and another idea-how to make your time management not perfect, but suitable… So, there is the only way out-to search and find time at work and in the evenings, when you are not able to do anything…

Despite all of the issues and obstacles, the writing is moving ahead step be step. One of my own problems is proof-reading: I do not like re-read, because every time I have to change something and every time the work seems to be endless. One more problem is the usage of citation: which one to choose, how to apply it in the writing, following the APA-style and so on. Sometimes, it seems that to use my thoughts will be enough to express the ideas, but not enough to support the work with quotes of well-known researchers…

In conclusion, I would like to say: it is important in any case of writing of any tasks to read the rubrics before starting your work. Then it is necessary to re-read your writing, it will help to see drawbacks and improve the style as well as develop ideas. Every time doing this you will be successful and you will have feeling of happiness because of well-done work!


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