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What is a PUBLIC SPEAKING? How important to have public speaking skills for teachers?



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Majority of people and some of their profession more or less requires skills of good public speaker. Public speaking skills, by its engagement per se, foster to enhance critical thinking, personal and civic skills (Jaffe, 2012). Analyzing the concept of public speaking, which has an impact on personality formation, my second post is dedicated to this influential phenomenon in society and what skills are imporatant in this sense.

First of all, it would be essential to define the understanding about public speaking. Verderber and Verderberv (2011) identified public speaking, as “a sustained formal presentation by a speaker to an audience, is simply one form of human communication” (p.2). Any form of presentation in front any audience is public speaking; but they are specific features of every audience,as listeners’ main age group, their possible interests etc.

Secondly, it would be useful to highlight the reasons explaining the personal need of public speaking skills for successful career development. Many researchers such as Payne and Carlin et al. (as cited in Yu-Chih, 2008) devoted to explore this topic in the broader context. They argued that public speaking skills could increase the social role and self-confidence of a person by devoting more authority in his/her standpoints.  As well as Verderber and Verderberv (2011) pointed out that major benefit that public speaker gain from presentations – is a development of ability to convey complex ideas into understandable concepts. Therefore, it is obvious to see reasonable advantages from developing public speaking skills. In this context, Yu-Chih categorized three main beneficial areas (personal or social, academic and career benefits) from the advanced skills of presentation. Teacher profession challenge all three beneficial areas.

Finally, answering to the main question how it is important to have public speaking skills for teachers? I would answer that it is crucial for every socially active and perspective person to be a good public speaker. Especially for teachers, having a potential of excellent info-presenter and being a pattern of self-confident person and democratic in ideas, is more than preferable.

Some questions for “thoughts”: What do you think about the necessity of having good public speaking skills for every profession in general, and for teachers in particular?

P.S If you have time, watch inspiring commencement speech of Ophra Winfrey for graduates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSz4djCNSXA


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Top Ten Traits of a Successful Public Speaker

In response to our panel discussions, NUGSE audience members rated the best presenters. The reasons for their choices make a great list of the best aspects you should work on when public speaking. How many are you strong at?

1) Confidence

2) Organization of ideas

3) Audience interaction

4) Enthusiasm

5) Clear purpose

6) Eye contact

7) Professionalism

8) Clear pronunciation

9) Time management

10) Use of evidence and analysis