Nearing The End Of The Semester


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Now that we are coming close to the end of online course “English for Thesis Writing”, it is high time to start reflecting on what we have been doing last months. So this post typically recaps the work and experience we gained from the graduate program, specifically from the online course.

To begin with, I could say that every student`s academic needs were highly satisfied in terms of the content and delivery of the online learning course. Also the style of giving feedback and communication (commenting on each others` posts) enabled us to become engaged with our group mates during online blog discussions. Moreover, perhaps the best thing that stood out from this particular course is the quality of feedback obtained from our language instructors since it is important for any student to know how well they are doing as they learn. Teachers provided with quality, specific and timely feedback, which without any doubt helped make a huge progress in our learning. Besides, allowing to see and give feedback and comment on each other`s work made learning interesting and extremely useful. We were able to learn from our own and others` errors concurrently. I can certainly say that day by day the knowledge we did here in this program gave us a great sense of achievement, which inspired us to learn more and further and still does.

Nonetheless, certainly, there are areas, which need people`s thorough devotion and attention as there is always room for improvement. For instance, in my case, as for now I am not completely sure of my secondary quantitative data analysis part since I have never done such kind of thing and completely new for me. Nevertheless, now having read a lot on doing secondary analysis it is a bit clear of what I am supposed to do in my full thesis.

Yet there exists one common problem for any online student called time management since most of us too overscheduled. Along with our elective coursework and research responsibilities, many students work full time and have responsibilities like home and work, which are competing for their time and attention as well. Due to these demands, working on a full thesis can be a real challenge, therefore, for future online students I would suggest allocating specific time for study and work and study a little by little rather than cramming at the end of the week in order to submit an assignment on time.

As for thesis writing experience, at the beginning of your write up journey, the process of writing a thesis could appear to be a long, tough and demanding task that a person has to cope with, though, after dividing it into small chapters and writing a couple of sections the rest of it seems to sound easier. Believe me!

Regarding the improvement of the course I believe that this course would be even more beneficial if we focused more on our main thesis and wrote about it. However, I do understand that grading various thesis-writing assignments will be time consuming and exhausting for instructors.

6 thoughts on “Nearing The End Of The Semester

  1. Dear Guldana, I absolutely agree with you about the importance of the timely feedback from the instructor. This course was exceptionally great in this regard. After reading the comments from the tutor, it becomes clearer what to improve and one feels much more inspired to move on to the next assignment. The feedback was never too general, but specific and supportive.

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  2. Dear Guldana,

    Thank you for your meaningful and timely reflection on the content and delivery of online course “English for Thesis writing”. I totally agree with your point that instructors feedback was a helpfull tool in improving our scholarly writing skills.

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  3. Dear Guldana, I really enjoyed reading your post. The language you use, the structure of the post make it easy to move from one point to another. As for the course, I agree, that it has been a very intensive and challenging course, still, worth taking. I come to appreciate every comment our instructor makes on my writing as I see there are a lot of things to be learnt.

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  4. Dear Guldana,

    I also enjoyed reading your post! Thank you!
    I noticed you are conducting a quantitative research. That’s why I would like to add to the improvements that, maybe, to give chance to practice writing mini-thesis on the research design which is relevant to the main thesis. What do you think?


    1. Hi Gulzina,

      Thank you a lot. In my main thesis I`m going to use both methods: for quantitative design secondary data analysis while for qualitative one interviews. So in mini thesis I`ve tried both methods but not secondary analysis unfortunately.


  5. Well done, Guldana. Your writing style and organization are original and crystal clear. I would continue to eliminate some wordy phrases like “I can certainly say” and “for instance, in my case, as for now”. Your writing is otherwise completely free of errors. Thanks for sharing your reflections!



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