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Is it fair that Inclusive schools does not include children with Down Syndrome in Kazakhstan?

http:// We all know that by 2020 70% of schools should be inclusive. But, have you ever thought about who will attend this school? What type of disability among children will deserve to be known as “educable”? Few days ago I met one woman. She has a four-year old daughter with Down syndrome. To my surprise, her daughter is highly developed; she speaks, understands and does things just as other kids are doing.  I had a great conversation with that woman, we had one thing in common (beside of being mothers of girls with Down syndrome). Similarly to me she had negative experience with Psychological- Medical and Pedagogical Commission (further PMPC). She asked advice, as PMPC did not want to send her daughter to the advanced special group in the kindergarten (integrated groups in the kindergarten are not similar, one group is attended by speechless children, another –advanced, by children with minor delayments), and further, even if the girl will continue to make progress in her development, PMPC denied to send her to inclusive school. They convinced their rejection with facts that children with Down syndrome has psychological problems and their presence among typically developed children is unsafe for latter, moreover legislation system of Kazakhstan do not allow children with such diagnosis attend normal or inclusive school. Overall, having being humiliated, poor woman decided to move to Russia, where her daughter can easily attend inclusive school. Currently, Psychological-medical- and- pedagogical commission (PMPC) is the key stakeholder in special education in Kazakhstan. The PMPC is responsible for diagnosis, assessment, and determination of treatment, training and education. They develop individual programs for each child, and monitor their progress. PMPC provides assessment for all children after they are 4 year old, and before other transition within the educational system. In other words, PMPC makes decision, whether a child with disability can attend special school or his developmental level is low. In another words, it is the organization, which provides individual approach in choosing the educational niche for children with disabilities. Let me clarify one thing, we all think that children with special needs are covered with special education, because all children must attend school because it is obligatory. But unfortunately, children with special have to prove PMPC that they are knowledgeable and deserve place in special school and kindergarten. So by looking to the answers of that woman’s questions, I started skimming different types of documents and laws, and there were no word in them, that children with Down syndrome cannot attend the inclusive schools. It was unfair from the side of PMPC not to include this girl to the special advanced group in the kindergarten, and this would be severe discrimination to reject sending her to inclusive school, even if she will have required abilities. I am finishing this blog with a sad sense, because there are still unwritten rules discriminating vulnerable children and excluding them from proper education and society. Can we as future leaders challenge this system or not????