It is rather difficult for me to share with current experience that I don’t have. As a matter of fact I do not work. However, while searching the Video for this assignment I remembered a talk I had with a boy who spends his most time at home due to his illness. This talk impressed me much twice. First, I asked myself a question that does not have the answer. That is » why children suffer from illnesses» and the second, what if there were a library that would be accessible at any time from anywhere with huge number of sources and that would not need to move there. Now I have found the answer for that it is a Virtual Library.

Virtual LIbrary is a great option for 21st century’s young people with different backgrounds to develop and advance in the frame of rapidly changing time. I believe it would help people who need special care to be motivated to stand on their feet to struggle with their illnesses and join the society. Unless, the time they spend at home make them feel alone and needless to the community they belong to. Such a library will provide up to date sources that enrich their views towards the world where they live. Modhighern technology is the key instrument in these libraries. Various digital devices are tend to establish access to peoplea with the world of LIterature. Virtual Library of Birmingham is an excllent example of high quality library service for life-long learning and enjoyment. Moreover, the construction and the design of the library meets all necessaties of visitors.

The idea of Virtual Library can fulfill the gap that exists in our society, especially in Education. On the one hand it is a great solution to enourmous numbers of problems from the perspective of Inclusive Education.On the other, a beneficial way to develop reading skills among young students who spend less time reading books and other sources.


Virtual Library of Birmingham. Retrieved from:

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  1. Mira,

    Don’t forget to give us a title so we know at first glance what your posting is about.

    I am happy that there are so many virtual libraries to choose from now. Although I don’t like to read books online by computer or Ipad, I know that if I don’t have any other access I can read what I want to or need to.



  2. Dear Mira,
    I like your post about Virtual Library. It is really great! I prefer more to use such kind of libraries as sometimes there is not enough time to visit library and you can open the access to books from any part of the world. Eventually, it does not stop your work and you are totally engrossed in the process.
    But it has to be advanced as well. Not all people like reading books by computer or another electronic device and they choose to use traditional way of reading the books. In this case I think our rapid progress of technology and science will give some solutions.


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