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The Curious Incident of Chocolate at the Border Crossing

This is a story that the 2014-2015 MSc IE group wrote. It resurfaced today and I just had to share it somewhere. The underlined words are academic English vocabulary words. Enjoy!

You won’t believe what happened to me yesterday. I was coming back
to Astana from a trip, thinking that I would go through security unimpeded, when the border patrol asked for my documents.

It all started when I furnished my passport. The officer made an assertion
that my passport was fake, pointing out a subtle disparity in the photo and
my face. I thought he had noticed the glaring mistake in my visa, but
he was more focused on the picture. I cringed when he said, “step into
my office.”

The tenured officer and I were having a lurid time when we noticed the
computer stopped working. I called my best local friend, the unofficial
leader of my entourage, to come help me. My friend nonchalantly
agreed to come help.

My friend pushed his way through the congregation of people watching us. The officer looked at us and said in an amplified voice, “I don’t care
who your friend is! You’re not leaving here!”

We were excoriated by the officer and his colleagues, but that wasn’t
the strangest thing of the evening. My friend had an elaborate plan
to get me out of the mess I was in. The plan entailed distracting the
officers and running! My hands were trembling, but I wasn’t going to let
that hinder our escape.

Before we endeavored to run away, my friend placed a bar of Lindt
chocolate on the table. The officer changed his mood and began to eat it.

Finally, we succeeded to build rapport with the officials. I took my cherished passport and ran!