Everything is up to you

Everything is up to the student himself. This is the conclusion that I made from my learning experience this semester. I guess, most of the students had challenges balancing time between job and study. I had same problems. In this blog post I want to share two examples of common challenges and how (if not remove, but) to reduce their effect.

First challenge is rewriting the research proposal. In the first year of Master’s study we had a brilliant opportunity to practice all the steps in conducting a research during fall session. We wrote our research proposals and some students continued on that topic in this semester. If I had that opportunity again, I would have chosen the topic of my REAL interest at that time. I think that I could have saved time if I clarified with my instructors on my topic of thesis at the time of writing the first proposal last year. I would strongly recommend to identify the topic of the interest right after the course on Educational context and reforms. That can save time and energy in studying in the year after.

The second advice is to have or prepare such a person at your work that is familiar with your job responsibilities enough to be able to substitute you when you are on your study at GSE. I had such a colleague who substituted me when I was on my studies at NU. It doesn’t matter who does the job, but the job has to be completed. If your principal is confident that your absence at work will not affect school’s operation, then you can be confident that you will not be bothered in your studies.

After all, I experienced enough support by the faculty at GSE, and I think that study load is manageable. The most important thing that a student has to do is to organize time properly.


3 thoughts on “Everything is up to you

  1. Dear Talgat,
    Thank you for your post. I totally agree with you about the importance of the topic’s choice which in the future is going to be our final purpose of study. Luckily, even if in the beginning I did not understand fully the seriousness of the research, still now I’m happy that I chose the right topic that is connected with my study and work.
    You mentioned our first course on Educational context and reforms and my questions are the following: Do you think that only one course affects the topic of further research? Should students be ready in advance and analyze the desired theme of research before the beginning of study?

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    1. In my opinion, the first course served as an overview to all educational issues in Kazakhstan. Whereas elective courses gave opportunity to analyze topics of interest in depth.


  2. Dear Talgat,

    Those are two excellent pieces of advice. I am very happy that you had a colleague at NIS who understood your needs. You could probably write a book now on how to balance a job and study. I am glad that you felt you received enough support from instructors in the program. I wish you much success next semester.

    Ann in Astana


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