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Carpeted Serenity

Here I sit, relishing in the soft warmth of the carpet, feeling minuscule compared to the vast dome stretching above me. Mammoth marble columns mark the outer edges of the main hall, leaving the main space open and flooded with light and color. Teals and blues, golds and greens all merge to form a never-ending mosaic of design and motion. The vastness of the hall and the width and height of the columns draws my eyes up to the intricate ceiling, ornate and complex, every free space covered with a weaving organic design or the fluid and wandering Arabic writings. The main dome seems to stretch through the clouds and the sun’s bright rays glint and dance off the extravagant chandelier. A few visitors sit reading or praying while all the staff work busily in preparation for tomorrow’s holiday. I imagine that even full of people, this impressive mosque would retain its sense of openness and serenity.