Whatever happens, happens for the better…

That is my last post in this year there was a great opportunity to improve different skills through blog post writing. This semester have remembered with tremendous number of assignments and thesis writing process as well. I know that it seems as a big pressure for us but as one of the proverb says “Whatever happens, happens for the better”. The best way to make it easy is to apprehend it as a game where you just play, it should not relate to the drama. Therefore, in this post I would like to share my small contribution and piece of thoughts about the mini-thesis writing process.

At the beginning, while writing the thesis, I have faced with some obstacles as well as my groupmates. The main problem was lack of sufficient time to do my daily work responsibilities and university assignments at the same time. The specific subject what I teach at Nazarbayev Intellectual School is Global Perspectives and Project work where students have to conduct their research on one of the Global issues. In this regard, to teach them how to conduct the research, and then check 40 research works of my students at the same time was challenge for me. That is why, I sometimes finished some assignments later than the deadline.

The next problem was lack of experience to do such thesis. The instructors have provided clear description of the tasks and explanation of the writing the thesis. However, it was not enough in my case, I need to have more face-to-face contact with my professors and instructors in order to understand and have more feedback in real life not only online.

Frankly speaking, I really appreciate to the university stuff for their effort in supporting us. They believe to our ability and always have chance to provide us any advice. I think that is awesome. After all my assignments I became to know more about thesis and I guess I have improved my English. Therefore, I can share my small personal thoughts and experiences for online learners. My advice is never hide your problems, always be keep in touch with your professors, instructors and your peers. That is very important because only these people know what is going on in your life. They could make your life easy, that is why do not ignore this advice.

As I young teacher and new researcher I have started to notice that I always observe different teachers’ methods and approaches of study. The current online course has demonstrated me the new system of teaching and learning. Of course, there are many positive sides of writing the thesis and that could have some improvement after the course. However, if I would be instructor I would have more interaction with my students face-to-face. What I observed is that if you will collaborate and keep in touch with your students that could bring fantastic shifts.

Moreover, I would suggest creating different video-lessons where instructors will demonstrate all the aspects relating to the course. I think my peers will support me that it could provide more motivation and relieve the stress especially for Master’s students.

In conclusion, I would say that it was honor for me to be there, to have a chance to have attempted my best and participate in this blog, thank you. Separate appreciation to my groupmates for their amazing ideas and dizzy experiences without their support I think we could not have such atmosphere and spirit to study. Good luck for all of us in the process of writing our ‘big-thesis’ and my congratulation with coming Happy New Year. See you next year.

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10 thoughts on “Whatever happens, happens for the better…

  1. Dear Oral,

    Great post. So easy and interesting to read. Thanks a lot.
    Yeah, you`re completely right by saying that during this semester we were so overscheduled and still we have few assignments impatiently waiting for us. However, it is worth it.
    The second thing you mentioned is the lack of face-to-face interaction with our supervisors and instructors. It is also true. I think it would be more beneficial if we had for instance more hours allocated to thesis seminar course rather than elective courses where we could have more individual meetings with our professors.
    So wish you best of luck with your research!!
    See you next year!

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  2. Dear Oral,
    thank you for your post and your wishes!

    You stated good idea, that online students should not hide problem and ask professors for advice as soon as possible.
    I have a question about your subject Global Perspectives and Project work. To what extent did your study at NUGSE influence on assessment of students’ research papers?

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    1. Dear Zhanna,

      Thank you a lot for your comment. Taking an opportunity I would like to congratulate you and all IB School stuff with unbelievable news. I believe that IB School will be the lighthouse for all schools in Kazakhstan.
      In terms of your question about Global Perspectives and Project work I can defiantly say that NUGSE had huge impact to me in any aspects of the subject. Undoubtedly, the NUGSE have changed my mind and I have become to think differently than before. Moreover, the process of assessment the student’s research work became to be more fascinating than before. Finally, the collaboration and interaction between students dramatically increased which have proved of the effectiveness of the approach implemented by NUGSE.

      Best regards,
      Oral Kdirshayev


  3. Dear Oral,
    You are outstanding as usual. I am really lucky to have such cool groupmate as you! But the fact that this online course was very useful for you makes me rather happier. Reading your post I think about some questions. You suggest to create some video lessons,but would you think it will change the situation? You and all of us think that time is th 1st difficulty in our study and we cannnot deny that there are videos provided by our instructors. was it possible for you to watch all of them?
    Again,many many thanks for your congratulation and wishes! The same to you and good luck!

    best wishes,

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    1. Dear Zhuldyzay,

      Thank you for your warm words to me. I am glad to hear that online course made you happy. I hope that such platform of study will have some impact in your future professional carrier ladder.
      In terms of your question which you addressed to me, I can say that my suggestion was actually the possible way of the improvement the effectiveness of distance online learning process. I think that it is better rather than always to read ‘e-mail’ of the instructions and tasks. My strong position in this case is to see eyes of my instructors or professors while they teach or explain the new topic.
      That is why my answer for you ‘yes’. It will change the situation and I will find some appropriate time to watch all of them. I can even say that I can find some time to investigate each word which will provide it by professors or instructors.

      Best wishes,
      Oral Kdirshayev


  4. Dear Oral,
    thank you for this positive blog post. It inspired me and i already see the process of learning and working as a game where you always have a mission that shouldd be completed on time and of course the contribution of every member of your team is highly important.

    Thank you a lot. =)

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  5. Dear Oral,

    Thanks for wishes!

    You are not only my group mate, but also a colleague in NIS Uralsk. I have read your posts and I really appreciate the effort you are doing at NUGSE and motivation to change your teaching practice and our school’s life for the better). I provided mini-thesis on the use of blogs in teaching and one of the findings was that students are really enjoy and improve their writing skills. I think maybe it would be effective and interesting to use the method of using this blog in your teaching of GPPW. What do you think?


  6. Great discussion after another great post, Oral. You are always active in the comments and make sure to respond to everyone who writes to you. This active participation is just one of your many strengths as a student. Your writing is honest and clearly shows your voice, but is also carefully planned and reflects in-depth thinking. Thanks for your contribution this semester!



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