Would I ever leave Kazakhstan? No way!

Many of you were abroad and saw cosmopolitan and vivid cities of LOUD countries. Their education system, political views, economic state, infrastructure, buildings – substantially differ from Kazakhstan. They were unlike your native town: without Kazakh steppe, Kazakh dugout fume, and family and friends; yet you were astonished and in love with that city or country. And you might even desperately sought for the magic button STAY LONGER!

I spent one month in Hamburg, and it endued me with unforgettable memories, awesome impression and sunny pictures. I still remember those days I wandered the city without any worries. Breathing the fresh air, I wrote my plan for future in my mind – “I will definitely come back to Hamburg to study, work, live and make it mine”. I decided that myself, without advice and support of my parents, without any rationales. I was driven by some demonic power, betraying my home country for such perfect, sinful, beautiful and ruthless city.

If it was enough for me within one month to come up with such idea of leaving my native country for another, what happens with those Kazakhstani students who study abroad for years? They might even build their family and search for high paid jobs. The only thing that might return students back is collateral charge and 5 years of workout, which is imposed by Bolashak program. However, it does not make students motivated to come back and find job. For the whole history of Bolashak program, 47 student did not return, and preferred the life abroad to Kazakhstan (link).

There is only one answer for such phenomenon – lack of patriotic feelings of our nation: young generation, kids and parents. Now people stopped propagandizing patriotism, teaching their children national identity and value. Human-beings always seek to find better place with better conditions, but as long as we are citizens of Kazakhstan we have a duty we should pay, serve for our country and citizen fellows.

Once my foreign friend said to me “Meru, it is awful what’s happening in your country, you should flee Kazakhstan immediately!” I answered “No way!” and my pride grew higher, as I texted him. I have my country, family, friends and home, and I will never abandon them. I have realized that I am not a weak person, who seeks only easy ways and yearns for luxuries. I am a strong individual with strong visions to protect and treasure what I have. And I will do everything to contribute to the development and prosperity of my Kazakhstan and Kazakhstani people!

4 thoughts on “Would I ever leave Kazakhstan? No way!

  1. Kazakhstan is a part of global community and we cannot stop or reject the processes that occur throughout the world. Despite many disadvantages, internationalization of students is a great opportunity not only for students (quality knowledge, expansion of horizons, personal enrichment, and foreign experience) but also for other educational and non-educational stakeholders. Definitely, the Bolashak scholarship program has a lot of benefits, but, as you mentioned, there are unforeseen consequences such as failure to return to students’ homeland. I do not agree you with you that the point is in the lack of patriotic feelings. I know some people who study and work abroad and they do love Kazahstan, but due to the variety of possibilities they are staying there. Now, as the world is a global village the borders of the countries are erasing. And it is great because the citizens of Kazakhstan can contribute to the home country by their work there. Who knows, maybe this guy who stayed in USA will come back to Kazakhstan some day and will push forward out development to the new stage?

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  2. Dear Meruyert, thank you for your post! However, I have a different opinion regarding the “patriotic feelings”. I suppose that you misinterpret the meanings of “being a patriot of the country” and “being stuck at one place”. The fact that many people live the whole life in their own country does not prove that they are patriots. I have a lot of acquaintances who claim proudly that they love Kazakhstan and will never relocate to another country. However, when I tell them that this is simply because they do not have such opportunities, cannot afford it or, most likely, do not have any capabilities (poor command of English, low academic achievements), they do not know what to say. Do they really contribute to the prosperity of our country? Well, I doubt it. At the same time, those “unpatriotic” people, who move to other countries, can be of much more benefit to Kazakhstan remotely: by doing researches, promoting the image of Kazakhstan abroad, etc. And they are much “stronger” as individuals and professionals because they challenge themselves. It is much easier to live in your own country, as you have more job opportunities and friends here and do not have to live your “comfort zone”.

    By the way, never say never! We live in the era of globalization! Who knows what will happen to you in 10 years! =)


  3. Very interesting and patriotic post. I support your opinion, dear Meruert, that it is very easy to become intoxicated by the atmosphere of joy and courtesy which are in the air of any European/American city 🙂 Surely, let’s face it, our country hasn’t still reached that level of development, when people can smile at each other openly or leave their houses open without a fear that someone will break in, that is why things look so attractive and nice for us abroad. THOUGH we are on the way to it! And we can take advantage of our students who study there and come back, thereby improving the overall cultural level of our citizens and promoting this intelligent behavior. But this is the matter of a good conscience, and our schools and families should promote these moral values, such as patriotism and duty.
    Therefore, I am absolutely agree with the Bolashak policy, which abolished the scholarships for bachelor students. I think it is justified, because bachelor students are not mature and experienced enough to resist the feeling of euphoria in another country, and, as a consequence, decide to live there without any contribution to the motherland. Whereas those people, say, master or doctor students, who have some work experience and broadminded vision see things more clearly and can differentiate between “own” and “foreign”.

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