Train your brain making your life brighter!

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I guess all of you know that if our muscles are not trained or not used at all it atrophies, becomes senescent and loose its functions. It is an ugly truth, but the same happens to our brain without its activation. It was scientifically proved that intellectual abilities become weaker because of the connections between brain cells, which are called dentries, that drain away without training as well as muscles do. However, neurobiologists also found that dentries can be reproduced, granted that brain makes exercises that involves activation of all five physical senses and emotions (Кинякина, 2013; )

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The exercise that helps the brain to be alive is Neurobic. It was introduced by Dr. Lawrence Katz, the Professor of Neuro–biology of Duke University Medical Center, who states that neurobic is based on the brain’s ability to produce neurotrophins that fertilize the brain connections, preserving them from aging. Neurobic exercises imply usage of emotional sense and five physical senses, including hearing, touch, smell, sight and taste in an unpredictable ways, thus breaking down the everyday routine (

The most striking features of the “brain gym” is that it is time consuming and it does not require special equipment. Our prosy life events can serve as the sport hall for brain training. For instance we can change our habits, trying to tie shoes with the close eyes, rearrange the office or brush the teeth using left hand while your working hand is right. The main principle of neurobic is to bring changes in your life, starting from simple things such as ways to go for a work, food, aromas etc. and finishing with new activities, places for holidays or habits (Кинякина, 2013).

Neurobic is a life style which is able not only to activate the brain, keeping it fit, but also break uniformity of the life. Who knows, probably new things you saw in the morning walking to the work by a new route will lead you to the new ideas for your business, or you will meet person you like.

Ps. I hope this post will motivate you to leave your comfort zone, developing your intellectual abilities and letting changes happen in your life!

Кинякина, О.Н. (2013). Мозг на сто процентов. Интеллект. Память. Креатив. Интуиция. Россия: Москва, Эксмо, – 848с.


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