It all comes to its logical end…

I remember the first quite intensive summer session at GSE. At that time it seemed such a challenging and stressful thing to me because of huge piles of readings to be completed within one night and so many written pop-up quizzes and papers. I thought that after such an intensive course with so much pressure in it the rest of my life at GSE would be much easier. And it really was… till the beginning of the second year…

This semester has been very intensive and in some sense stressful. The fact that we had to deal with writing final assignments in three elective courses, weekly writing in the online course, and working on the master thesis at the same time made me understand that the first year at GSE was just like paradise. Anyway, I have to admit that I have learned a lot during this semester, in the online course in particular. English for Thesis Writing has provided me with deeper insight into the process of working on my research project. It is a great course, which must be included in every graduate program I believe. The only suggestion I would give is to have this course in the second semester of the first year of master studies instead of introducing it in the second year. If students practiced writing a mini thesis project before starting their real thesis, I think, they would be more experienced in conducting research (even if it is small-scale) and, as it is obvious, they would not be “torn into parts” doing their best in working on two research projects at the same time. Overall, as I mentioned before, I really appreciate the content of the course and I would like to express my gratitude to the course instructor, Philip, for always being available and for providing a quick and constructive feedback on every piece of work.

And now last but not least… It was during this fall session that I have realized the fact that studying at GSE is getting closer to its end… “Wow, finally!” one would think… However, to be honest, this makes me feel sad. Of course, I am happy that I won’t have any more deadlines, that I won’t be spending almost every weekend working on the endless assignments, and that I finally will have all my free time for myself, my family and friends. The thing that prevents me from being happy to its fullest is the fact that there won’t be any more of those fun intensive sessions with my amazing and unique groupmates. GSE has introduced me not only to the world of research, it has also given me the people who, I believe, will definitely bring some significant changes to the world of education. I would like to thank all my groupmates for always being supportive and ready to help. I am sure we all will do well in competing our thesis projects. Good luck, dear friends and colleagues! 🙂

2 thoughts on “It all comes to its logical end…

  1. Hello,
    That is good blog with the best description of your experience. i hope that one day you will start wrting your own blog about your life experinece.


  2. Thanks Dayana,

    I’m happy to hear your suggestions about the timing and content of this course. It is one that I think may actually be possible (making the program less intensive by giving less work may not be). Your writing is well structured and free of errors. Thanks again for all your hard work this semester!



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