Motherhood in academia.

It is important for Kazakh girls in academia to think ahead about next destination.  It might be the family which she creates with her respectful couple and PhD as motherhood in academia. In Kazakh tradition it is important to get married when the girls become adult. But today girls prefer to get marriage after having particular degree in education. This tendency might be an influence of knowledge-based economy which always requires acquiring new skills and knowledge in a lifelong learning process. Further, they might pursue studying and working in academia. It is increasingly important for students and future mothers who will study and work in academia to be aware of possible difficulties of motherhood in academia.  In my blog I want to present difficulties and awards of motherhood in academia because being mother in academia is difficult and rewarding.

There are several difficulties of mothers in academia. One of the difficulties of mothers is unavailability scheduling time because it depends on your children caring time. It is difficult for mothers to sit on computer and finish their assignment when their baby awake, especially when they are little. Babies can also disrupt mothers from participating in online discussion (Kuhn, Mills, Rowe, & Garrett, n.d).   Sleep deprivation can be anther difficulty of mothers (Kuhn, Mills, Rowe, & Garrett, n.d). They can work and do assignments, readings when their children sleep. They spend their other time for caring husband and household staffs.  They can get a good sleep mostly in holidays when they do not go to study or work. Also, mothers often miss academic events because they have children and family who are waiting for them at home. Most of the mothers seem not to participate in more academic events and research when they have children (Kuhn, Mills, and Rowe, & Garrett, n.d).

Despite of complexity of motherhood in academia, most mothers those who can balance family and career find it rewarding. Because of having children, mothers learn to manage effectively their time and commitments; to communicate effectively with people and to be able solve problems, possess plural roles and smile (Roitman, n.d.).  The most successful mothers value their being a PhD , researcher and faculty mother, simultaneously wife and see motherhood as an asset (Kuhn, Mills, Rowe, & Garrett, n.d). They admit the necessity of family support to balance their friendly family and successful career. One of the successful women of Kazakhstan, lovely mother and supportive wife, researcher in Engineering and faculty of Engineering School in Nazarbayev University says that namely family is an inspiration, a luck and support for her success in family, career, research and life (SL,Personal communication, February 29, 2016). Hence, women who appreciate the value of their family find motherhood in academia rewarding and successful.  They can balance between family and career. Therefore, future mother need to earn strategies for successful motherhood in academia.

In conclusion, motherhood in  academia has its difficulties and rewarding points. Although mother do not sleep enough, participate in all events in academia or can not properly schedule time and commitments, they find motherhood in academia rewarding. This is because their lovely family understand, support and inspire them.


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