Who is your superhero?


I am a researcher. During the time when I was collecting data (interviewing) for my thesis, I came across an unexpected discovery. STEM teachers (whom I interviewed) asserted that students often got uninterested towards the lesson. In such an atmosphere one student complained: ‘If only my STEM teacher was a superhero, I would always stay focused!’ Despite sarcastic notion of the student, there seems to be two huge issues hidden under this statement. Imaginary ‘superheroes’ have a greater influence on our children than real educators. Mass media does not properly enlighten real heroes. Do we have real heroes? Sure!

“Bilim-Innovation” Lyceums (BILs) in cooperation with Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan presents…

Superheroes of STEM education in Kazakhstan: Ordabayev Almas Yerkinovich and Zhumadilov Yerzhan Yesetovich


Almas Yerkinovich is a chemistry teacher. Despite his young age, not only teaches his students the basics of chemistry, but also brings up their ability to get to the point of being on their own, always be ready for the competitions that temper the character. He is the winner of the republican olympiad among teachers. Winner of the regional contest “Best author’s program”. He also holds a bronze medal at the International Chemistry Olympiad (Giongsan, Korea, 2006), a silver medal at the international Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad (Yerevan, Armenia, 2006). He has a number of honorary letters and letters of thanks.

The effectiveness of the work of Almas Yerkinovich is confirmed by his victories at various olympiads. For only 5 years of pedagogical activity, his pupils have already managed to stand out and become prizewinners of regional, republican and international olympiads.

Yerzhan Yesetovich is a physics teacher at Taraz BIL. He is a talented physics teacher and a winner of many physics olympiads not only on individual basis but also a hero who impacted his students to be as successful as he is. He also prepares materials in a new format for physics students to get prepared for Unified National Testing. Moreover, Yerzhan Yesetovich is considered to be an innovative teacher by being an author of articles such as «Benefits of project based-learning» published in Stavropol, Russia.

These are only two teachers from many hero-STEM-teachers in Kazakhstan.

To conclude, I do not want future students to search for ‘imaginary’ heroes elsewhere. I want them to see heroes by looking at their teachers and get motivated to learn.





1 thought on “Who is your superhero?

  1. Superb post, Yasawi. I see significant growth in your writing this year, as you reap the benefits of your hard work. Your writing is confident, creative, original, and accurate.



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