Top 5 Tips for Effective Presentation

The ability of making an educational presentation is one of the skills which I acquired during getting my master degree at NUGSE. An educational presentation is one type of public speech organized to share a presenter’s knowledge or experience. As a 2-year student of master program I had invaluable chance of both presenting and watching educational presentations. So, based on my personal experience, I have thought of a list of top 5 tips which might be helpful for starting out presenters to make their presentations effective.

  1. Know the content of your presentation

Preparing your presentation, make sure you know what you are going to talk about and always keep in mind the purpose of your presentation. If you do not understand the content, it is difficult (almost impossible) to deliver it to your audience. Ask yourself some questions which might come from your audience: if you can answer them, probably, you know the presenting material; if not, do further reading to perfectly master the topic.

  1. Engage with your audience

Especially for starting out presenters, it is difficult to connect with the audience because of their nervousness. Remember there is no need to panic when you know the topic. Show that you are enthusiastic to share what you know with your audience. Try to have a hook to get the attention of the public from the beginning, and react to the public’s response. Never read from the slides since it leaves the impression you are not interested in the presenting material so you might lose the connection with the public.

  1. Make your slides simple

Do not write big texts in your slides. While preparing a slide, ask the question “what is the main information for my audience in this slide?”. Write some bullet points or use helpful images (when appropriate) to answer the question so you can briefly talk about each.

  1. Control your voice

Of course, you have got your slides or other visual aids to make an effective presentation. However, your voice is equally important to grab your audience’s attention and to deliver the core material to the public. Pay attention to your speed, intonation, and tone.

  1. Smile and keep eye contact

It might sound easy; however, in practice starting out presenters perceive it as an obstacle. Smiling and making eye contact diminish the feeling of nervousness. Moreover, it helps you feel that you are talking to human beings, not to robots who know everything. It is important to allow to your public to see you and not only your slides.

These are top 5 tips for effective presentation from my point of view. What is your favorite tip? Do you have some tips which are feasible for you regarding educational presentations?

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips for Effective Presentation

  1. Dear Gulnar, thank you for the post. I find all of your tips useful and worth mentioning. My favorite piece of your advice is to know the content of the presentation. I believe it allows you to make use of all the other tips. Otherwise, if you don’t know the content you simply cannot focus on your voice, audience and eye contact


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