Mass media: You say NIS International Conference, So What?!

For two days during October 26th and 27th a huge academic event took place in Congress Center, Astana. The event which is annually held is named NIS International Research-to-Practice Conference, this time dedicated to the topic of Values, Wellbeing and Innovation for the Future of Education.

This conference served for a very important aim as it stated that: “The Conference brings together a global audience of leaders, thinkers, policymakers and practitioners to discuss policy and practice in secondary education, and plays a crucial role in driving forward educational reform in Kazakhstan (IX NIS International, 2017).” Personally I had no doubt that this event would be on top headlines of all mass media in Kazakhstan including channels, social networks and magazines. Unfortunately it did not.Although the conference brought together a global audience of the most respected researchers, it turned out that it has nothing to do with Kazakhstani mass media.

For me this shows deep disrespect and very poor treatment towards to the whole education, in particular to the schooling system. In general, there were a plethora of international experts and almost 1500 participants overall. What else does the mass media need in order to highlight this huge conference? Apart from few today, regretfully, mass media gives priority to the news like: which star divorced whom, who is the most beautiful police and who is the bride of Korean pop-star. It’s an issue that needs to be thoroughly reviewed by whomever. It is out of logic to doubt the impact of mass media on the generation. So, if the country wants the education system step forward it is vital to enlighten this type of conferences to the wide audience.

Let me finish this blog at the positive point and tell you more about the conference itself. I have no regret that I participated in it, it definitely worth time and money spent on it. It was intriguing to meet researchers whom you only read in books in real life. The participation in the conference motivated me to take part in it again next year, this time in a role of a presenter of my own thesis! And what about you?!


IX NIS International Research-to-Practice Conference. 2017. Retrieved from

1 thought on “Mass media: You say NIS International Conference, So What?!

  1. Dear Dumankhan, thank you for sharing with your opinion about the conference. To be honest, I did not think of the promotion of this conference by mass media in our country. After reading your post, the same questions raised in my mind. However, I still believe that at least 1-2 TV channels or some journals mentioned the importance of the conference and itself.
    I think it is wonderful idea to plan to present at the conference next year with your thesis! I really encourage you! And it is interesting to find out that attending this conference motivated not only me to participate as a presenter with my thesis next time, but also other people. Hopefully, we are not the only ones, and we will meet our groupmates and professors presenting next year!


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